Product Review: Avon Ideal Shade Liquid Foundation Natural in Nude

How sweet of Avon to send me holiday gifts that has a few of cosmetics that I've been wanting to try from the brand? Their Avon foundation  for example was something that I've been curious to try. So when I got the Ideal Shade Liquid Foundation Natural in Nude, I knew I'd find a way to try it.

For Php530, Ideal Shade boasts of its Precise Light Technology that could match almost 98% of all skintones, oil-free, medium coverage, a silky finish and SPF 10 for sun protection

Since I read the two words that I love, SPF and Oil-free. I was, yes, all over it.


The consistency is a tad creamy for medium coverage. It's not too matte but when it dries, it has smooth feel to it. The scent though isn't something I like. I'm not sure if it's just me but I'm not a fan of it. Good thing that I don't smell the scent when I apply it on me. I'm rather fond of the typical scent of foundations.


The packaging is something that I wasn't fond of either. A pump is very much appreciated. I use a spatula or tap a little at the back of hands to prevent it from contamination. No double-dipping for this girl.


Nude is a shade lighter than my skin tone but given that my skin is acidic, I am hoping that this shade will adjust. Comparing it to other Avon Ideal shades, Nude seemed to be an appropriate choice because it's one with a yellow tint compared to Natural and Pure Beige. Although its hard to see that on the actual foundation itself. I even thought that Nude is on the beige-y side.

Swatch Ideal Shade in Natural

Take note: Swatch 3 shades of foundation nearest to your skin tone from your jaw to your neck, the one that disappears and blends is the best match for you. Check this on natural lighting like outdoors.

Right: Swatched and blended on NC30 back of my hand


I was really impressed with how well this blends to my skin. It effectively reduced the appearance of capillaries and I didn't feel the need to cover my dark spots. Although I still used an undereye concealer, I  skipped covering my pimple marks. And they weren't visible once I set it with the Ideal Shade Loose Powder in Neutral. (See photo below).

Ideal Shade doesn't feel that light on the skin. But comparing to the heavy coverage foundation I use, like MAC Studio FIX and Shu Uemura Nobara, Ideal Shade felt lighter. Maybe because I used a tad much on my skin but with the in between creamy and liquid-y consistency, I didn't think this as a problem. Especially when it's really good at covering my problem areas.


In Fluorescent Light, no flash

Photo above was taken about 15 minutes from foundation application. I applied loose powder. blush, contour powder and eye makeup.

Auto mode with Flash
Photo taken above was a good five hours from application. Given the cool weather that night, I didn't feel the need to retouch and I was happy to see that the foundation remained intact. You won't see any dark spots, pimple marks and even my dark under eyes aren't that visible. No oily feel and we stayed outdoors for dinner, drinks and coffee. Fabulous results, right?

Ideal Shade in Nude after application

Overall, I am very much happy with this foundation and is looking forward to use this during daytime when I can make use of the SPF protection. I like the feel and consistency of the foundation that'svery much appropriate with the weather we're having lately. Actually, if not for the scent, I could see myself using this foundation most days I go out.


Ideal Shade Foundation is definitely for those who are looking for an affordable foundation that has a medium coverage without the heavy feel. If you're using a mineral makeup foundation with a heavy coverage, Ideal Shade is your best bet as it would most likely cover all the problem spots you want covered. Although I have yet to see the full effect of the Precise Light Technology it boasts, looking for the right shade doesn't seem that hard of a job with this brand of foundation.

Hope this review helps!

Avon Ideal Shade Liquid Foundation Natural are available in all Avon offices or call your Avon Lady now!

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  1. ang ganda shen.. you loo flawless.. :D

  2. Great review! I might actually look into this when I decide to try out using foundation! :)

  3. Great review! It still looked fresh even after 5 hours.

    I'm still hunting for a full coverage foundation for oily skin. Suggestion please? :)


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