Outfit of the Day: Tagaytay Day 2 - Layering and Addiction to White Tops

@ Bag of Beans, Tagaytay

@Cliff House Inn, Tagaytay
@ Cliff House, Tagaytay

 Top: Herbench Plain V-neck white top; Cardigan: Pink Manila; Scarf: SM Department Store; Leggings: Forever21; Wedges: So! Fab; Bag: Cole Vintage; Bracelet: Shen's Addiction; Watch: Hand-me-down Anne Klein; Sunglasses: Roberto Cavalli.

For Day 2 outfit, I did a lot of layering. In the morning, I had the Mango grey coat with my Pink Manila black cardigan and SM Dept. Store plaid scarf. After breakfast and coffee, I removed the coat. Decided not to put it back on as the sun was being so friendly and kept me warm enough.

I really love scarves. I think collecting them will be a new hobby. I love how it easily keeps of the chilly weather and there are tons of ways I can turn it into and it's so easy to store in the bag. When we visited, I covered my hair with it as women in the olden times would. When we were in the car, it became my small blankie and of course, it turned into a sort-of poncho when we were at the Cliff House.

I'm also loving the Envi plain white top of Herbench. It doesn't come cheap at Php369.75 but the material is really soft and comfy. Sort of like the ones I got at Forever 21 albeit more expensive. I promised I said I won't be wearing any more white tops but I can't help it, I'm crazy about them! I love how put together white tops are and you can mix and match anything with it.

What about you? Do you have something you can't stop wearing?

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  1. Hi. I couldn't agree any less. White tops (esp tees) are among the most versatile piece of clothing every woman must have. It goes with any bottom and yes, you put it right, with any scarf. I love your ensemble. The plaid scarf paired nicely with your leggings. And those tan wedges had everything pulled together. So neat and fab!

  2. Shorts! If only I can wear them everyday! I like it that I can run around and feel comfortable!

    I love your outfit sis, super cool naman niyan :D

  3. Love the outfit! and I definitely agree with the white tops.
    although in my case, I have tons of black tops! hehe

  4. luv d blazer shen!

    i'm getting addicted to buying scarves too! in d last month alone i think i bought 3 or 4!

  5. I agree on the scarves, it really serves a lot of purpose, easy to bring and very chic. =) You look beautiful, S! =)

  6. the white top looks good on you! i have to get one of those from herbench too! :)

    <3 hazel

  7. here's an award!


  8. I have 2 shirts (black and white) from the Bench Envi line too. They are very soft and comfy, but the collar became bacon-y after about a year or so :(

  9. very nice ensemble at shen :) i used to love white kaso i feel fat lalo na if they're fitted tops. haha i lean more on darker shades lately. naku, i'm beginning to become boring!

  10. love the layered look and heart the shoes!

  11. Mygosh, yeah it's so coooold! I can imagine how cold it is over there in Tagaytay so layering would be best.


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