Haul: Wet n Wild Coloricon Bronzer "Princess"

Bronzers were something I never really thought I'd be using. And look at me now, I can't call my makeup complete without it! I use it mainly to contour my cheekbones, especially now that my face is getting fatter. LOL!

When I did some hauling at ebay.ph for some very affordable Wet n' Wild cosmetics, I came across some of the bronzers and it took a lot of effort for me not to get them all. But when I saw the Wet n' Wild Coloricon Bronzer in Princess, it reminded me so much of my favorite MAC Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden that I just got to have it. Looking at the picture though I know I could be mistaken but for Php125, i didn't think too much of it.

What I noticed...
Smooth texture upon swatching
Very pigmented that the brush picks up a lot of product. Be careful and tap the brush for excess.
Shimmers are very fine and hardly noticeable
Could really be a great contour powder
Brush included in not too scratchy. Wash it and you can probably make use of it during travels.

with flash using G11
I really like this bronzer. Thankfully this is a close dupe of my favorite MAC Refined Golden except that Princess is more golden in hue. I don't have to worry when I ran out of the MAC one. Rather I think you'd be seeing me use this in my upcoming FOTD's.

Swatch: Wet n Wild Bronzer Princess
Comparison: WnW Princess/MAC Refined Golden

Here's me wearing it but these photos were taken good 5 hours have past with no retouch. Although the contouring is not that visible as I'd like it to be, it still there and you could still notice it. It really compliments my golden skin tone and provides me enough contour. It's a bit pigmented though, so be careful when using it. It's like an eyeshadow with how pigmented it is.

Bronzers really do make a difference in the whole makeup look. In fact, it's one of morena girls' bestfriend as it accentuate the cheekbones that the face don't appear flat on photos. Using a bronzer could give additional radiance to the face. Give you that sun-kissed glow. For a girl who have light to medium skin tone with chubby cheeks, contouring my face gives me that oval shape instead of the dreaded round shape.

Bronzing takes a lot of practice. At first, I had a time finding where to contour my cheekbones. Of course, I did research, chek out photos of contouring techniques until I think I found the right way to do mine. Now, I can contour my face even without a mirror. Although of course, I still would prefer to have one when I contour. :) Hehehe!

For my round face, I contour the following (noting that I need to create an oval shape face)
  • from the top of the ear part to the mid cheeks where the hallow of my cheekbones are. I do the fish face )o( to easily contour my cheeks
  • temples, on both sides
  • both sides of the nose
  • both jawlines, brushing downward to where the shadow ends.
Brush for contouring: I am particular to MAC 190 but I also love Charm Pro Angled blush brushes especially for when I do makeup on others :)

Will definitely do a video tutorial soon so I can show it to you better. :)

How about you? Do use bronzer? Do you contour your face as often as I do? Hehehe!

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  1. This bronzer looks awesome.
    And such a great price.

    I used PF Organic Wear Medium Bronzer.
    It gives me just enough glow without making me look fake a baked.
    And I contour sometimes.
    But since I've got a pretty long oval-ish face I don't really need to.

    Have a nice day!!



  2. wow, what a nice sheen!

  3. I would really need to do some research on contouring my cheeks haha.

  4. The bronzer looks gorgeous! I will look at that next time I go to SM :)

  5. yay.. i was looking at this too i should have bought it.. it looksso nice on you shen.. i hope you can do a skincare routine post.. your skin looks really beautiful

  6. The color reminds me of an old limited edition Shu Uemura bronzing mousse I used to own. I can't one like it anymore. I think this will be a good substitute! Thanks!


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