YumYum: Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice

I have to blame my good friend, Sophie, for making me want to try Hainanese Chicken. That's why I didn't pass up the chance to visit Wee Nam Kee at Ayala Triangle Park last week. Along with the popular food bloggers, I got to try Hainanese Chicken and Chicken Rice for the very first time.

Wee Nam Kee, they told me is very popular in Singapore. Started at 1989, they serve the best (and I mean, the best!) Chicken Rice in Singapore that locals and travelers from all over the world flock it. It's the type of food that "kanin pa lang, ulam na!" For someone who's very much attached to sinangag, the picture of Chicken Rice was enough for me want it.

Like any makeup products that reached the Philippines, Wee Nam Kee building its first international restaurant here was truly something I was looking forward to. Because as much as I love my lipstick and foundation, this beauty fanatic is as passionate for food! When I'm in a shopping halt, I tend to devour more food like there's no tomorrow.

Reaching Ayala Triangle Park was no major feat, contrary to what I anticipated. When I learned that the only Wee Nam Kee was located at the middle of Makati City (the City of One Way) made me want to renage on my invitation. But this is how "atat" I am to try. Google mappedd it, found it, and got there with a few minutes to spare!

So, was Wee Nam Kee worth the trip?

Hell yeah!!! And they are not paying me to say that. LOL!

Stir-Fried Baby Kailan in Oyster Choice, Php180

I don't eat a lot of veggies but baby Kailan is a favorite of mine. I could eat this and the Chicken Rice alone! It's so tasty and crunchy, just the way i like it.

Equally yummy Cereal Prawns, Php375

I admit that I thought I wouldn't like it at first, but boy oh boy oh boy.... Was I dead wrong. This is mighty yummy! Glad the picky-eater in me didn't surface out and just went ahead and tried it. It's like an explosion in my mouth. It's so good, I even ate the skin of the Prawns (which is how you're suppose to eat this anyway). It's like crunchy on the inside and juicy on the inside. And it's big ah!

The Popular and oh-so-yummy Hainanese Chicken Rice
Filipino loves rice! I am a Filipino. Therefore I love rice. LOL! Really, I'd choose rice over bread anyday. And at Wee Nam Kee loves rice. Therefore, I love Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice. Basta, I love this rice. I can't believe my cousin A, who doesn't eat rice at all, is missing out on this! It's sooo damn good! Well, more for me and Ditse!

The famous Hainanese Chicken, Php168-888 depending on the size

I'm particular when it comes to chicken. I don't even know how to eat it. Always! Always! Whenever I eat a piece of chicken, there'd be a chunk of it left. It's so different when I ate the Hainanese Chicken. I hardly eat white meat part of the chix but here, it was all I could pick. It's filled with enough flavor that I didn't even notice I was eating the white part. I usually would go for the wings, but this one got me me eating almost every part.

Ice Tea, Php50
Unfortunately, this one didn't quite make the cut for me. Although the Barley Juice should have been my choice since it has detoxifying effects! I'll order that the next time I visit. Sana bukas pwede na ko pumunta!

Condiments!! My mom would love the ginger!!

The ambiance of the place was made a little bit more sophisticated compared to the one you'll see in Singapore. The interior is very appealing and reminiscent of the streets of the Lion City. Well, I haven't been to Singapore so excuse my lack of knowledge about its local scene. As expected, its very Asian and with the soft lights, it's feels homey. You'll immediately see the chicken hanging at kitchen window. Talk about major "patakam."

Honestly, the whole place made me like Jackie Chan will come out and do a karate action sequence. Yes, I watch too many Asian action films on cable. Hehehe!

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal served to us. It was filling but it's no-fuss. If ever I'm working in Makati, this is probably one of the resto I would frequent because even if it's Singaporean, it has a familiar Pinoy look to it that I'm sure would fill me the rest of the afternoon. It's a place I would go for when I'm really craving for a sort of home-cooked meal. I know people may not agree with me but that's how Wee Nam Kee made me feel on my first visit.

Mr. Wee, Jr.

We also got to meet the son of Wee Nam Kee, Wee Name Kee, Jr. Sosyal noh? He kind of remind of my grandfather with his passion for food, business and hardwork. Like Mr. Kee, I came from a family who grew up in the food industry. I kinda envy him because he got to continue his father's legacy while ours is barely struggling. Maybe in the future, I could resurrect my grandfather's legacy and build an empire from it. Naks!

We also got to chat with the Filipino owners of Wee Nam Kee, the men responsible for bringing Wee Nam Kee to the Philippines. Believe me, these are the type of men your mom would want you to be dating. You know? Pogi, have direction in life and pogi... wait I said that already. Lol!

Linfred Yap, Weiser Co and Mr. Wee, Jr.

Lindred Yap and Harold Geronimo of Stratworks

I really can't wait to plan a trip to Makati with all my Eastside friends. Like me, they like to try new restaurant and with the prices I saw from the Menu, I'm sure our pockets won't feel the cost but our tummy will surely be filled with those yumyum Chicken Rice and Hainanese Chicken!

Ditse, if you're reading this... I already know what you're thinking. Maybe after Brielle's party on Sunday, we can go straight here? Ano? Game?

Kathy, ayan! Makati area for once!! :) Ayala pa, no less!

I hope I'm not catalyst for anyone wanting to grab something from the fridge after reading this. But if your tummy can wait, Wee Nam Kee is located at the Ayala Triangle Park, corner Paseo De Roxas and Makati Avenue. They have outdoor and basement parking. Parking is about Php40, if I remember correctly.

I hope talaga they open somewhere near my area. I envy people of Makati... :(

See you soon!

much love and food on her tummy,

P.S. If you're surprised a beauty blogger like me got invited to a food event, I was, too! But I'm very thankful to the owners of Wee Nam Kee and to the people of Stratworks for giving me a chance to try Hainanese Chicken Rice for the very first time!

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  1. I am craving for a hot noodle soup at the moment because of my colds but after seeing your photos, I can eat anything on this post!

  2. The cereal prawns look good! Just this Tuesday I was in Ayala Triangle to taste the famous Hainanese Chicken but I was surprised of the crowd. There were lots of diners and customers waiting outside the restaurant.. Maybe next time, though.


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