Hair Issues and Boo-boo's. Is there a way to find that perfect Shampoo?

I’ve always had issues with my hair, from its thickness to its frizzy wavy texture. For years I’ve struggled with my hair and the need to always have it treated. It gets very frustrating but that’s my fate. I’m just done with all those ads that promise to give me soft smooth locks. I thought my hair was hopeless. That is why I always keep it wet or tie it up. Sigh...

You know that my hair is at its deadliest from the coloring and rebonding, right? So imagine a coarse dry hair even when it’s wet. Yes, that’s the price you pay for playing with hair treatments. And really, with the many shampoos I’ve tried, there’s only a handful that passed.

Is there really a criteria for testing shampoos? And what are they really? Because my hair is really tired and limp (literally) from trying different brands and getting mighty disappointed. Not to mention my wallet screaming me to halt whenever I enter the shampoo aisle of the grocery store.

What do you think should be the ultimate test when it comes to our shampoo?

What results should we actually see when we test one?

With the many ads and endorsers out there, how do we determine how effective those hair care products really are?

I wonder if this website,, could actually could help us out? I checked the Damaged Hair because I think with how chemically-treated my hair is, it is already more than dead and damaged. My hair should sue me, really!

What exactly is this shampoo that makes 91% of those who tried it loved and wants to continue using it? Because if it is as effective as they say it is then I can't wait for Novemeber 28th for its big reveal.

Because if there is anyone who desparately needs her hair fixed, it's me.

What about you? What box did you check at Share to me your ways to test a hair care product please! After all, experimenting is what we beauty fanatics love to do. :)

much love,

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