Spending R's birthday at Sofitel Manila

Almost anybody I know wants to spend their holidays, birthdays and special occasions at Sofitel Manila. I could only agree with them. That's why I decided that we spend our complimentary stay there on his birthday. After all, he deserves the rest and relaxation far more than I do. He's been tied up at work the past few weeks and he really need this break. :) And really, we all want to treat our boyfriends like a king once in a while.

Classic Room with king size bed, city view

Key Cards

Plush soft bed, sheets and pillows

Side table with usual clock, phone and notepad and pencil

Sitting area

Adequate size TV

We didn't get to touch any of this with out short stay there but it's all good. :)

Safe inside the closet. Easy enough to configure and we were able to maximize the use of the closet even just for a day.

Hun enjoying the view!

 The Birthday Boy!!

Pretty much a normal shower. Getting the proper temperature is a bit of trial but I was able to wing it. Didn't get to try the other shower head, though. I find that I spend a lot of time inside the bathroom compared when I'm at home. I guess, a part of me also indulges on bathing when at home its a routine. :)

Toiletries for the shower. 

I haven't experienced not liking the shampoo, soaps and body wash of any hotels. Sofitel is one of those that I particularly like. Too bad that their shampoo and conditioner is not colored hair friendly. It dried my hair like crazy! But for a day or two of use, it will do nicely.

Simple toilet. Nothing really special about it.

I like the large bathroom mirror but the space is not very "kikay" ready. :)

Although I always bring with me toiletries enough to last me a week long stay in Sofitel, its not so bad that its also provided. There's two face towels, facial tissue, 2 brushes with Colgate toothpaste, moisturizer, cottons, ear buds, sanitary bag, shower cap and face and hand soap.

When I was taking pictures of the bed, all I can think of is getting under it and snoozing! :)
I love to sleep!!

Lazy me lounging on our uber soft bed. I am in love with their sheets!
It's so silky smooth I wondered what the thread counts they are. I want this in my own bed.
I wonder if they sell it.. :) lol!

Our view

Staying in a hotel for me means relaxing and having a great time with whom you're with. I'm happy that I got to spend this time with the love of my life. :) We both zoned out and just focused on the good things that is about to come during that day. We relished the fact that that was our day to free ourselves from outside worries. We felt like a million bucks, not ever worrying about the expenses of that day. We just indulged.

After all, our birthday comes only once a year... :) And R really deserved having this day made extra special.. He's been such a wonderful son, brother, friend and boyfriend. :) He definitely earned this day. :)

How about you? When's the last time you truly indulged?

 much love,

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  1. Ooohh I can't seem to remember the last time I stayed here, it was around 2-3 years ago! I missed Sofitel! thanks for sharing and R obviously enjoyed this :) Great idea for gift :)

  2. Ah! I've always wanted to book a room there because of their bay view. :D Looooove!

  3. Hi Shen! Thanks for sharing this. Some questions:

    1) you mentioned that you got the Accor card, did you have to pay anything extra to avail of the room?

    2) Does it have a bathtub?


    <a href="http://deaguwapa.com>http://deaguwapa.com</a>

  4. yeh, i enjoyed my recent stay there, too. the room rates are so fair, and the food, wonderful.

    i especially liked their lasagna, yummy.


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