Breakfast Buffet at Sofitel with the BF

Happy Thursday everyone!!

This is my last post on our short stay in Sofitel during the BF's birthday. I'll share to you what to expect if you ever wish to spend a day or two at Sofitel. And for those who already did, reminisce with me please. :)

Here are the pictures I took. :)

Entrance using the long-winding stairs down to the Spiral Restaurant

Fruit selections... but we all know exactly what I am looking for

Yogurt! Yum yum yum yum!!


Must have Danish

Freshly baked muffins
Care for some blueberries?

Salad bar? Not sure. :) hehehe!

Pandesal! But this one is soo hard and chunky!

Chef preparing our eggs. Sunny-side up please!


Still not done piling on food, hun?

Munching on a bacon

I have a few more strips to go!


Love our booth.. :) so cozy!

We went to stay at the pool area after breakfast... :)

I wish we could do this more often. But even if we can't, I'm quite happy we were able to experience this kind of celebration. R and I are pretty relaxed when it comes to spending our time together. We're the kind of couple who would really enjoy lounging and just taking in the scenery of the place we travel to. Of course, a long with that should be selection of fabulous foods. All of which Sofitel was able to provide. Everything went according to plan and we went home happy sated. :) This was indeed a happy birthday. :)

much love,

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  1. The yogurt and pastries are really yummy! I miss relaxing by the pool side and watching cute kids play on the pool. :)

  2. Looks yummy! :-)

  3. Wow! Great place and great food! =)
    Happy Bday to the love of your life Ms. Shen! You two look so good together! ;)


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