Product Review: Revlon | Just Bitten

Revlon just released their latest and with what they've been coming up with the past year, lemme just say that I'm quite excited about this one. You see, I've never tried anything like this. The closest is the The Body Shop's Lip and Cheek Tint and Ever Bilena's dupe of it.

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balm reminded me so much of my Crayola Non-Permanent Markers. Not only that, they reminded me of the fluorescent fine-point markers I used to highlight my law school books. I've always imagined how my pink highlighter would look like on my lips. Good thing I don't need to actually use that to find out.

Revlon Just Bitten is aptly named, I tell you. My lips looked like it's been kissed senseless by Edward Cullen. Okay... I meant Jacob but he got too many fangs more than I could take so I'm sticking to the pale dude. And he looks like a good kisser anyway. Hihihi!

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balm

Flame | Passion | Frenzy

Lip Stain has "Vitamin enriched formula with Vitamin C for anti-oxidant protection."

Lip Balm also "contains Vitamin C for protecting skin."

What I like about the Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balm...

1. Very pigmented and buildable colors
2. Lip Balm provides a glossy finish without the sticky feel.
3. Lasts for more than regular lipsticks by twice and even thrice the time.
4. Doesn't come off when you eat or drink.
5. Definitely no smudging.
6. Great lipstick base.
7. Hate the dragging feel of lip liner? Well, you can replace them with this.
8. 10 shades to choose from!

What I don't....

1. As much as I love the long lasting lip stain, taking it off is very difficult and sort of a pain. Really... I need to exfoliate my dry lips the first time I used this. Well, its a stain so I guess that's that. :)

Here are the usual swatches!!

Don't they look like real lipsticks?




1. Exfoliate lips with a lip scrub for smoother application
2. Keep pen close to avoid the tip from drying.
3. Moisturize lips prior a few minutes prior to application but remove excess for the lip stain to adhere on the lips.
4. Don't overdo removing the lip stain. Remove it as you would a lipstick.
5. Be careful on removing the cab of the balm since it has tendency to break when the cap is popped forcefully. :)
6. Smile! You've got the puckers for it. :)

much love,

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  1. I have one in Passion but i haven't tried it yet. Hope it's a natural looking pink hue. I want something that is a little more pigmented than posie tint :)

  2. I would very much like to wear the Flame shade. Very gorgeous!

  3. wow they look really good!

  4. gelatoprincess24/1/12 4:09 PM

    More confusion! I just left a comment in your other post that I bought too much lipsticks and I might not be in need of a new one anymore but the FrenzyLip Stain is just irresistible! I've been scouting for a  red lipstick for quite a while now and my candidates usually come from Maybelline and Guerlain. But this, this outstands them all. Oh lip products, why can't I say no to you? 


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