Forever 21 GiftCards, Now Available!!

Oh Happy Day!! :) If your mom, god mother and father have an email/facebook/twitter, share this to them now. Give them an idea what to get you for the Holiday! Send this even to your friends, guy friends and of course, your boyfriend. This is something that you'll surely love to receive from anyone!

I sure do!!

Forevere 21 just launched their gift card in denominations of Php1000 and Php2000!
This will definitely be a top Christmas gift this season, don't you think so?
And why not give this to your BFF and even your wonderful mom, too?

And if you purchase *Php5000 worth of gifts cards, you'll get an invite to Forever 21 Party at Member's Only The Fort on the 20th of November (that's this Saturday already!)! Visit Forever 21 now because invites are very limited!! :)

*gift card purchases should be made in cash or debit cards only

Really, I wouldn't mind getting this for Christmas!! (send this to my BF please! hihihi!)

much love,

photo credit to Forever 21 Philippines

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