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YumYum: Manila Scramble --- Pinoy Pride at its Coolest


Childhood memories came flooding back as I spooned The Original Manila Scramble. This was a favorite back in my elementary and high school days and I dearly miss eating this ice craze goodness for nearly a year now. When I saw Teeyah's post about it I was glad that there would be a place for me to go to sate my cravings.

Today I got the chance to try it for myself... It was pure heaven!! It was the same familiar taste with the sweetness of the pink ice, powdered milk and choco and strawberry syrup. I simply can't describe how good it is. I love love love love love scramble!!

In fact, I love it so much... I had two servings! :) LOL!

Here are the photos I took.

Located across BreadTalk and Chef D'Angelo. I forgot what wing its located but it's one of the older wing, Faura I think. The wing where Rustan's is located.

The Original Manila Scramble, Robinson's Mall Ermita

Want to see what scramble looks like? Please click Read More to see!~

They offer other toppings but I stuck to the original powder milk for my topping.

Cereals and other toppings available.

Prices. Toppinga are Php4 each. You can also add powder milk as extra topping! Yey!

"Kuya, pwede take out ko lahat yan?"

My Large Original Manila Scramble with two extra milk topping

Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum!

Large Original Scramble

My second cup. Medium Original Manila Scramble with 4 extra milk toppings.

Oh, be still my heart!

How I wish I could eat this everyday including weekends!!

Cheers to The Original Manila Scramble for thinking of putting up something like this. By the number of people falling in line to order and by the number of people I saw holding the cup of scramble as I walked around the mall, it's very obvious I'm not the only one who misses this sweet goodness.

What's great? My mom won't get mad at for me eating this since Manila Scramble seem to have a strict code of cleanliness with the gloves used by the servers, hair net worn by the woman and all-around clean looking booth.

This is definitely one thing that would make me want to wake up and go to work everyday.. ehem! Except when there's an event. :) LOL

How about you? Do you love scramble as much as I do? What's your fave childhood yumyum?

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much love,

Manila Scramble have a facebook page. You can add them if you like.

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12 fab comments

  1. love this idea!! &&my mum wont get mad at me or my sister :)
    Cant wait to go back to the philippines!

    Cotton xx

  2. I love scramble!!!! weeeee!!!!

  3. Miss ko na scramble! I remember many childhood memories with it! Haba ng pila lagi eh!!!

  4. Yeah that's Faura. I want to try it kaso I'm perpetually having colds or cough or both these days. Sa summer na lang siguro hehe!

    Join my Camera Necklaces Give-Away! ♥

  5. ow! i love this, i also got to try this tasty treat. and yes, the franchise near our place still has lots of people falling in line. anyways, worth it nmn ang pagpila :)

  6. It's good nga. There's a branch at SM Hypermart Frontera Verde na :) hehe

  7. I am a scramble virgin no more lol

  8. Eversince I saw this on Robinsons I can't help but get the Large size! I am a scramble addict since I was a kid and even made one at home :)

    It's good to have access to it when we stroll the Mall and Hubby won't stop me from buying more (coz he knows its clean!)

  9. This looks yummier! The scramble I tasted was the one at sm san lazaro. I didn't know there is a scrable store at Robinson's ermita, which is actually nearer where I live. Kaso I don't have the patience to wait in line lagi kasi haba pila pag scramble hehe :)

  10. Hi Shen, I also saw this stall in SM Southmall in Las Pinas, wasn't able to purchase haba kasi ng pila and the price is reasonable :)

  11. hi girls, I'm glad i'm not the only one who enjoys scramble. Its really a nice treat esp during summer, noh? But i can eat this all year round. LOL!

  12. Connieyadao9/3/11 11:17 PM



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