X'ed Out Cream for that Wax Aftercare

When I finally caved in and had Brazilian Waxing for no reason what so ever, except that I just want to, I went to the best place to get it... The Strip, Ministry of Waxing at Serendra. I really don't know what came over me. I heard so much about their wonderful waxing services that I didn't think twice. I laid on their bed, bare and all and waited till I became a citizen of Brazil. :)

Yes, it was painful. BUT it was tolerable! It didn't actually hurt after the procedure. Everything was so clean and with the no double-dipping policy, I was in OC heaven.

But its the post care that its important. :) That's why I got myself the X'ed Out cream. X'ed out is a popular post care cream for those who just themselves all waxed out because it prevents ingrown and treats itchiness.

Did it work? Yes, it did! I have extremely sensitive skin that easily reddens and itches when its waxed but with the X'ed out cream, I was able to control the itchiness. And when I went to get my second XXXX (all off) Brazilian Wax, my attendant saw no ingrown at all. She even said that it was quite an unusual thing for her to not see any ingrown in that area. I was happy to tell her that I've been vigilant in applying my X'ed out cream.

I know I should have posted this months ago but I thought some of you may not be interested. But here I am telling you now, that you need to get this. Your body will thank you for it! Take the hassle off of getting the brazilian waxing. Enjoy the post-wax effect as you should be doing.

Oh and the scent is really nice.. kinda floral but isn't.. :) gives that spa vibe, i think. :)

X'ed out Cream as described at Strip Manila Menu:
An Alcohol free treatment which contains Bromelain, a pineapple enzyme to for gentle exfoliation and Tea tree to sooth and treat skin irritations. Vitamin A is added to open follicals for Resorcinol to penetrate deeply, preventing and treating itchiness and ingrown hair.

X'ed out Cream is only Php1,650.00, good for 3 to 4 waxing treatments. :) lasts pretty long since you would only need a thin layer. And you can use this for any waxed out part of your bod. So even if you're shaving, waxing or plucking, you can use the X'ed Out cream to heal that traumatized part.

And it getting the Cosmo Beauty Award just bloody shows how great this product is!

Strip SOS Caretips
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Addiction is rating is waaay off the charts! I will never get Brazilian waxing unless I have this cream. :)

Do you have a cream for post waxing care? Share them here at the comment section, please!

much love,

In case you're curious with Strip: Ministry of Waxing, get your fill at their website here.

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  1. I haven't tried any waxing... I'm afraid so that I cannot take care of the hairs that will grow..sooner..
    Nice posts!

  2. Thank you SO much for posting about this! I just had my first wax and I am going to be doing a review/experience post soon. I have never heard of X'ed out Cream but I am going to give this a try- sounds amazinf!!

  3. I have the same! :) I've been the citizen of Brazil for maybe two or three years already but I've only gotten it from Strip GB5 last year. I love them so much, I don't mind paying extra. Dati I go to Lay Bare but hot wax is just so much better than cold.

    Welcome to Brazil! :)

  4. i use sothys post-depilatory softneing care cream. i do agree that the service in strip is great, with chocolate wax at that. it's pretty pricey but definitely worth it :)


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