Product Feature: Cream Silk Recharge Strength Boost Conditioner

Cream Silk was a staple at home when I was still living with my parents. And when I went boarding with the BF, Cream Silk was my go-to conditioner. My mom would always pick up two Cream Silk tubes whenever she did groceries knowing how I love this conditioner.

And now, Cream Silk is still taking care of my hair. The wonderful scent first attracted me to this product. The way the scent lingers on my hair. There was even a time I caught a guy sniffing my hair. We were inside the MRT and I could see him through the glass door. It was really funny (and if he isn't cute, creepy!).

My hair has taken a lot of beating lately from my rebonding session so I opted to use the Cream Silk reCharge Strength Boost. I've finished a whole bottle in two weeks and I did notice that my hair fall has lessened.

I guess it something to do with Power-protein Technology that gives my hair much needed nutrients to reduce hair breakage.

Cream Silk is available at your favorite supermarkets and beauty stores.

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  1. yay,, i buy this tube yesterday sa puregold biñan, for Php91 pesos, with free sunsilk shampoo (in tube din, the green one) and got 2 sachet of creamsilk yung kulay pick as free (^__^)

    check out my new beauty blog (you're on my blogroll sweetie)


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