Posh Nails: Deep Dermal Treatment and More

Nails are probably the least thing on my mind when I think about beauty and cosmetics. Although I know its always in the back of my mind that I need to attend to it every so often. Before I would just settle for the typical salon and bear with the noisy and busy atmosphere of it. But lately, I have been tasteful and really trying to engage myself in my nail pampering processes. I make sure that the places I go to have accessible locations, tranquil surrounding, skilled nail technicians and had more than nail grooming to offer. I mean, its not so often that I care for my nails... so for those times that I do, I think I should give them the best. Don't you agree?

One of those places I now consider a home away from home is Posh Nails in Greenhills (Connecticut St., right above Conti's).

They use OPI Products for some of their treatments.

Deep Dermal Treatment

The reason why I fell in love with Posh Nails, was because of the Deep Dermal Treatment. Its an anti-ageing treatment for your weary hands. The effects are immediate and no non-sense. They apply your the lotion on to the back of your hands with a brush, wrap it with a seran wrap and leave it on for about 30 minutes. After that, they will apply the grapeseed oil and massage it a little.

The results are amazing! The veins on my hands are protruding like crazy making me look aged than my years. With all the writing I do and then immediately washing my hands, I didn't realize how worn out my hands are.

But with this treatment, I was immediately shown the effects of it. My veins disappeared a little and it isn't protruding anymore. I was just amazed. And just in case some of you hates the hot wax of Paraffin, you can opt for this instead.

See the results? Hardly no green veins showing!

Addiction rating is crazily over the top!

Now on to other treatments, I got their Tea Scrub Treatment
Using OPI's best seeling scrub and lotion and definitely the client's favorite - Poshnails website.

The treatment will comprise of the following:
Hand - soak, scrub, manicure, massage
Feet - soak, spa, scrub, pedicure massage

Me getting scrubby-dub-dub. :)


Scrub stays on for a few minutes. I'm pretty much cozy in this position.

Nail cleaning will start from here on.

more cleaning.. :)

Then the nail polish color! :) colors, i mean!

Foot spa is really nice.. although i'm ticklish I love the massage and foot soak.

Tiny bubbles! In the water! :) hehehe!

chikahan galore

after foot spa, scrubby dub dub on my feet.. I love the tea slightly cucumber scent of this scrub.

Oh massage! The massage! :)

Happy vain client! :)

See, I told you it was colors. :)

Feeling like a kid again....

With my Nips (local M&M's)-inspired nail polish shades. :)
funny feet.. hehehe!

The shades I used are:
No Room for the Blues
That's Hot! Pink
Hot & Spicy
Plugged-in Plum

I super recommend to go ga-ga over the number of polishes they have, from nice neutrals to loud flamboyant colors.

And please please please give your hands some loving with the Deep Dermal.. it's so affordable at only P200!!

I am particular with their Greenhills branch because of the quiet surrounding. Plus they also have waxing treatments and very very skilled (good at removing dry skin) nail technicians.
Even up till now.. nearly a week from my visit, my nail polish is not yet cracking or chipping off. They also have Back Paraffin!

There's also a lot of restos surrounding the area like Conti's and Amici just in case you get hungry after your mani/pedi and spa.

much love,

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  1. nice choice of polishes! looks like Posh Greenhills is way better than their branch in Megamall.

    As much as I want to try every single nail spa near me, there's that fear of being dissapointed (much worse getting my nails murdered LOL), so I always stick with my fave nail spa, Luxe Lounge in Rob Galleria, you should try there!

  2. I've heard of that but I don't like to go to Rob Galleria due to how difficult parking is. :) If they have that in Rob Malate, near my office, I wouldn't mind trying it out.

    I love trying out different nail spas. :) Its always a joy to find how different treatments are and to discover treatments I haven't tried before just like the Deep Dermal treatment. :)

  3. Hmmm... lemme try this one :D I'm curious on the service of Posh Nails. I heard some celebrities own a franchise. Will try to go there soon since it's just a few blocks away from home :D

  4. love the Nips nails! Delicious :)

  5. you got me sold! i'm definitely going to try this one!

  6. Love the colors Ang cute!!!! :D

  7. I like this place too though the nail techs aren't as good as my favorite nail places. The place, ambiance and value for money makes it worthwhile though!

  8. lol you have me craving an indulgent trip to the salon. love the colorful nails.

  9. i love the colors! OMG i so wanna do this!!! shen! you are tempting meeee! hahahha. ily!

  10. Oh, i love your polish!!! I frequent posh nails at greenhills and megamall, I love all of them especially megamall's nailart!!! so cute! I have to try their galleria branch. Hopefully they have the same good services like their branches in megamall and greenhills.

  11. oooh, nice!!! i love the colors you used! i go to posh nails also but i havent since i gave birth. when i was pregnant, i couldnt wear nail polish-- now i can! im gonna use some of the colors you used thanks shen! :D

  12. hi shen..just want to inform you that i used one of your photo on a board up banner of soon to open posh nails in walter mart munoz edsa..we dont have any photo kasi..thanks..


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