Men, Take Your Cues From Robin Padilla. Please.

Ok! I am going to have to say something here that many people may not find slightly relevant to my blog.

Last Saturday at E Live, Action star Robin Padilla made millions of Filipinas nationwide swoon with his declaration of love and "marriage" to the host/actress, Mariel Rodriguez, who in turn was seen a huge diamond ring on her finger that was given by the said action star.

The interview turned into a somewhat romantic scene stolen from the action star's movies, Robin, the veritable machismo seemed to be undeterred by what typically plagues the men of our generation. You know what I'm talking about, the guy who seem to like you but can't actually admit it but instead becomes so sweet and takes you out but he says they are not dates... The dense-you-can't-ever-assume type of guy.

In Tagalog, mahilig lang magpahaging.

Although many believes that the stunt Robin Padilla pulled last week's show seems to be for a promotion of nonexistent movie and that the lines and interview in itself looks rehearsed... I can't help but wonder... In short, its a publicity stunt.. But for what? And Why aren't men like that these days?

I'm not a love expert but I've played the role of a Love Doctor for quite a while. I've also seen these type of guys everyday back in ***school. Even back in college I would always have a girl friend who can't seem to figure out what this guy wants from her. Even up to now, ten freakin' years later.

The situation is always like this... You look like a couple, you act like a couple... and when you do ask him if you are a couple.. He replies, "We're friends. Good friends." Or worst, "I like to be with you......." You wait a bit for something else but baby, that's all there is to it.

I lost count how many guys did that to me and I lost count how many girl friends I have who went through the same thing as well. Recently, I just had a friend confide in me the same thing. Just a few days ago.

It is making me sick. It's like we are all pawns in a game these men play. Like we are contestant in a Dating Game show where in "assuming" gets you disqualified, "giving in" (I mean, SEX) make you look "easy", and "falling in love" takes you out of the game completely.

And they say we women are complicated. Bullcrap.

I get that men have a lot of choices and we women, are dime a dozen to them. They would probably want to "try" other stuff first. But don't toy with our feelings. Don't build sand castles around our already complicated and stressful life. We have careers and our family to think about. So if you just want to test the waters, better give it to us straight. We won't play around with you.

Most Filipinas are very conservative who still wishes to be wooed.. don't take that away from us. If you're not serious with your courtship, don't make us fall for you. If you wish to just be friend, we can be just friends. If you want a quick bang, look for those women who are looking for the same thing. Some of us, we are still looking for the happily ever after. Many of us just wishes to be with someone. ALL of us just wishes to be with someone who is sure about their feelings for us.

So, yes, I wish Robin Padilla will give rise to a new generation of men who are straightforward. Not for me, I found my own Robin already. But for my friends and all those ladies out there who just don't want to receive mix signals. Those who just want a man that wants and desire them.


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  1. I really like this post, Shen. You already said all that needs to be said about most men nowadays. I'm glad you already have your Robin. :)

  2. uber sweet nga.. kahit dito sa office yan ang topic (^_^) well,, i found my own Robin too and im simply happy with my lovelife

    hugs and kisses

  3. i totally agree with this post! men should be real MEN period.

  4. Love your post, Miss Shen. And I'm so kilig while watching the vid!

  5. wow, enough said :))


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