Shen's Tour around FOREVER 21 Megamall, Manila (Picture Heavy over 100+ photos)

Can't get out of the office? Still in school? No time to go to Megamall? Scared to go to Megamall today?
Get your fill in my latest post of the photos i was able to take from my Sneak Peek visit at Forever 21. Have an idea of what great pickings this store can offer you.
Personally, I feel like I'll be buying my clothes here from now on.

Prices: Same as those in US! Practically no price increase!!!

Click Read More>> to check out all the photos..
there's more than a hundred photos in this post. :)

If mom was alive.. this is the top I would have gotten her.
But knowing mom, she'll pay for it and even buy the clothes I want for myself.

Found anything you like? Let's hope and pray its still there.. but don't feel bad if it isn't, there are more things in FOREVER 21 that I wasn't able to see for myself. There are just so many many many great fashion finds.

Did I just sate your cravings? Or did I fuel it?
Personally, I think its the latter... because now I'm dying to go back!
Too bad for this headache that won't go away since yesterday.
and that I don't think the credit card can take another beating.

Hope you enjoyed this post!!

much love,

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  1. grabe. i love the collection. so fashion forward, hopefully affordable too.

    can't wait to go!

  2. OMO!!! Ms. Shen, you make me want to cry!!! ='''(

    I guess I better save up and get myself something for my birthday... ^__^

  3. Forever 21 is too CUTE! :)

  4. You have the best loot and photos among all the bloggers I've seen and attended that event!!! I want that pink dress!

  5. It's pay day today and I have this feeling that something is pushing me to drop by at Megamall later.
    Must.Not.Bring.Cards. :)

  6. wow that's a lot! love the corset dress, hope it's still there!


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