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FOREVER 21 Haul: Florals and Paris


My humble FOREVER 21 loot...

Floral Cocktail with Mesh Detail (Php1278.50)

Floral Print Shirt Dress (Php595.50)

Bodysuit (Php458.50)

Parisian-inspired accessories
Belt (Php155.50), necklace (Php238.50.00), lot earrings (238.50)

I am hoping this is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship with Forever 21. There were 3 more pieces that I had to let go due to budget constraints but I'm hoping I can still get them mid July. If not, there's always the next collection.

much love,

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  1. love your loots :) esp. the 1st floral dress :)

  2. I chanced upon the opening of a Forever 21 while in Japan and I kinda went crazy there haha. I wanted to buy a set of earrings like the ones you bought but I had to let them go too due to budget constraints. But now, I can buy earrings without having to go to Japan! Weee! :)

  3. I love, love EVERYTHING! And the presyo ha? Super affordable! :) I am so dying right now because I still can't go because of my sked naman! :(

  4. love your loot shen esp the floral dress! =) cant wait to see it on you..

  5. I personally like the floral dress, I think I'd like to pony up my hair para kita ung design sa liod :D

  6. I didn't know it's going to be that affordable! Wow! I should go there soon! Do they carry big sizes too?

  7. was in mega a while ago, pass by at 1 pm and the line was super long.. passed again at 5pm and the line is still the same length..

    akala ko pa naman makaksilip ako :)

  8. ate sheeeeeeeeeeen love the earringgggs :)

  9. Haha can i just share that we bought the same two dresses! what are the odds? I guess we're bound to run into people wearing the same thing in the weeks to come. :D

  10. i think i have to checkout f21 soon!

  11. pretty dresses shen! I love reading your blogs :) I'm an avid fan :) I started blogging about mmus because of with u as my inspiration. :))


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