Product Review: Because I hate my oily skin and want to be fairer

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How's your weekend? Mine is spent with blogger and college friends. Don't you just love spending time with your girlfriends? Too bad that the weather literally is raining on my parade. But I'm not all too unhappy of the rainy season. Read on why.

I always see the rainy season as the best time to use whitening products. Not because there is not the same amount of sun there is. We all know that sun rays still seeps from the clouds and even the rain. But since the rainy season keeps a lot of us indoors and there are no risk of over exposure like summer activities, whitening products work a lot more efficient during this season. This is also one way to save money when treating your skin.

On that note, I am now on a journey of achieving a lot more fairer skin this season. Looking back at my pictures from way back, I figured that I have been abusing my skin a bit too much.

Wouldn't you just love to get the fair skin back again?

But how can we do that if we have oily skin?

Well, that's why I'm glad to be a woman of this day and age. There is just so much techonology and innovations now that deals with almost everything we worry about, making it easier for us to become the best version of ourselves.

Garnier Skin Naturals

When I first got introduced with Garnier Skin Naturals, I knew that it would be something good. They offer skinc are products that works at an affordable price. For a girl like me who spends too much on skin care products, I often wish that there is something out there that works but won't break the bank. Well, apparently, there is.

Garnier on Light Complete

Garnier Skin Naturals released LightComplete in the market during mid of summer to target those who needs to keep their skin from oiliness but achieve a fairer complexion. Being a Filipina, I am not all too surprise the need to achieve fairer skin. LightComplete aims to target those needs and then some.

The Trial and No Error

Trial time: Close to three (3) weeks
Exposure: Little to none. 70% indoors, 30% outdoors (only when driving and walking to and fro location that is only a few meters away)
Application: Every morning after cleansing toner.
Skin type: Oily skin, prone to break out, uneven skintone of face and neck. Medium-fair skin tone.

What I love...
1. The result. My skin became a shade lighter with less than three weeks of use.
2. The price. For not more than Php200.00 ($4.00), I get a product that deals with more than one skin problem.
3. The scent reminds me of a product my mom used. Using this makes me feel closer to her.
4. Great partner when I'm undergoing whitening treatments.
5. Mattifying effect.
6. Keeps oilies away for more 3 hours on me with makeup on, 4 hours without makeup on.
7. Skin looks a lot clearer and dark spot has visibly reduced but not entirely gone.
8. Easy to apply.
9. There's moisturizing properties that my oily skin still needs.
10. Comes in different sizes to fit anyone's budget. Check Manila Beauty Blog for info.
11. Great for oily, combination-to-oily, and normal skin.
12. Had UVA/UVB protection.

What I don't...
1. From the beginning of application, the product feels like its not seeping on my skin. Like it is sitting on top. Takes a while to shake of the feeling.
2. Not really for dry skin because the feel of the mousse-like consistensy will annoy you (not your skin per se).

Swatch of Garnier Light Complete

You need only a small amount that kind of surface.

A lot softer looking skin.

Repost From Manila Beauty Blog:

There are a lot of things that stops us from achieving a fairer and clearer skin, dead skin cells that still stays on the surface of our skin, dark pimple marks and oily glands.

Now, there is one product that addresses that exactly and actually gives us more. Garnier Skin Naturals has created a product that answer many of our dilemmas. Complete your skin care regimen with Garnier Light Complete and relieve yourself from dull skin, dark spots, acne marks and oil. The all-in-one skin care that you will ever need this summer.

The zesty pure indregients of Salicylic Acid and Pure Lemon Essence creates this magic in a tube of a product. The Salicylic Acid with its anti-bacterial properties, traps in oil for a shine-free look. The Pure Lemon Essence acts as a natural exfoliator and renews skin to its original luster.

Achieve a fairer, whiter skin with this multi-action whitening cream.

Til the next whitening product and treatment!!

much love,

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  1. now I want to try this! BI! LOL.

  2. i'm kinda skeptical with garnier products with the exception of their pressed powder (which i love!) but this is promising,makes me want to buy! :)

  3. Thank you for this review. I actually purchased the older (?) variant, but I wasn't happy with it. It made me greasy. Maybe this new one will make me change my mind, though I am not so sure if I will purchase =P


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