Meet my savior: Eyeliplex-2

Do away with dark puffy eyes with this 2-in-1 eye system that targets dark puffy eyes.
Get improved and firm looking peepers with this wonder product.
Notice how it changes you see products in less than 4 weeks.

Okay, I'm sounding like an informercial. But really, this is one product that EVERYONE who hates dark and puffy eyes should use. Seeing wrinkles around your eyes? Maybe its high time to change that eye cream that you can't see work.

I've been using Eyeliplex-2 off and on for weeks now and It has never failed to make me look at my best. I see instant results every morning whenever I apply the day gel. And at night (especially when I get enough sleep), the night gel soothes my "puyat" looking eyes.

But why is there two gels anyway? Well, the two gels work hand in hand to give the best and most gratifying results. The science behind this product is awe-inspiring. You're really feel special because researchers and scientists really did their best to give you products that really work.

Here's what GoodSkin Labs have to say with Eyeliplex-2:

The Eyliplex-2 eye regimen targets concerns with two complementary innovative formulas. The night balm picks up from the day gel and contains two complexes that optimize the skin’s natural recovery process by recharging the skin. Haloxyl PFE™ is a new powerful extract derived from the passionflower to reduce the appearance of dark circles by helping to restore firmness while sleeping. Mala-plump™Complex, made up of minerals such as malachite, caffeine and a Vitamin C derivative, supports skin’s natural recovery process and combats free radicals and environmental aggressors while also boosting natural collagen production. Super Plumping Spheres act like plastic wrap, helping to keep moisture from escaping the eye area.

For this two-in-one product, you get 3 major results

1. Visibly lifts and tighten skin around eye area (especially lower eye area)
2. Lightening of dark udnereyes
3. Restores firmess which relieves eye skin area from puffiness

Scientific Results

GoodSkin Labs tests shows that 78% of their subjects shows visible reduction on darkness and puffiness and shows results of firmness and less wrinkles?

For best results, they advise us to use the product this way:

In the morning, apply Day Gel after cleansing to the entire eye area (above and below) by gently patting on skin and let set for 3 minutes before applying other cosmetics. At night, warm the Night Balm between fingers and gently press onto eye area.

I've beeen achieving a much clearer complexion lately. But dealing with my eye area have been a perpetual ordeal with all the late night outs and blogging during wee hours of the morn. My dark undereyes and it puffiness will always come back even if I stay up late for one night. What a problem, right? And I doubt I'm the only one having this problem.

For the women of today, I feel like we are lucky because there are products out there that deals with all our skin care problems.

So far, with Eyeliplex-2 I've assured that I get back that healthy looking eyes even with all the hustle and bustle of becoming a women in this day and age.

Eyeliplex-2 will set you back Php2,600.00, but really, don't you think your eyes are worth the care?

much love,

Get your Eyeliplex at selected Watsons and Beauty by SM Department Stores.

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  1. Hi, I'm thinking its time for me to try eye creams. I have chinky eyes and I don't have eye bags.. but dark circles under my eyes are already quite visible even at an early age (I'm 21), due to my lifestyle, and I'm sort of panicking about it now. Is this product gentle enough for me to try? and how much is it? thanks! 


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