Dare to go lighter!

It was spur of the moment when I decided to have my hair colored. The dogs were getting groomed in Chairo Pink and Purple Grooming in Tiendesitas, when Ron and I decided to spend the hot afternoon inside SM Hypermart. I was telling R how much I wanted to get my hair colored for quite sometime now. When we got there, R told me that I could have it done at Bench Fix Salon in Hypermart. Why not, right?

So, I did!

Renan, my suki stylist in Bench Fix Salon suggested L'oreal Professionnel Majilift since I still have quite a lot of my previous color. He says that the Majilift will show more than the other L'oreal hair colors and that it is best for my hair. I was torn between a few colors. I wanted to get the copper tone but Osang, with her expertise in hair coloring suggested the Clear shade. She says that it will blend nicely with my previous hair color.

What I really wanted to achieve was to look different and a lighter shade than what I had before. Call me crazy and adventurous but I feel like this is the only time I can play with colors. :) If I could go more blond than this, I would. :) LOL.

The result:

Don't I look different? I think I should change my name.. hehehe!

Renan also recommended a Kerastase Oleo-Relax Slim treatment. He says that the 20 minute treatment will help in keeping my hair looking and feeling healthy.

Since I'm a fan of Oleo-Relax, I decided to get the whole tub so I can do it at the comfort of my home.

I've never regretted any of the hair colors I've experienced and this one adds to the list. I love that my taste in hair color gets daring each time.

Maybe, I should try wilder colors next. :)

What I love more about the Bench Fix Salon Hair Coloring experience, aside from the service and result, was the price.

Hair Color: Php1650.00 (long hair)
Keratase Oleo-Relax Slim: Php2625.00 (200ml tub)
(lasts for a month from the way I use it but you can make it last longer)

See? It was affordable right?

And I don't miss my black hair regrowth at all!

When was the last time yourwere adventurous with your hair?

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much love,

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  1. We should have done a make-over story for you in HairInManila :D Love the color (and of course, love Kerastase :p)

  2. Hi Shen,

    I had mine done at Henry Calayag's Salon last January 2010.

    Kainis kasi my hair color is naturally jet black, they used Loreal as well pero di talaga makita yung effect sa hair ko. Almost 1 hour na ngang nakababad yung hair ko sa init pero no effect pa rin.

    Di pa rin mapapansin yung color. Now I realize that something's wrong with my hair, not the hair color :D

  3. I love it Shen!!! :) I'm inggit! LOL

  4. Sis! Can't wait to see this in person! Super mestiza looking to ah! :)

  5. yowzer! that looks stunning! I LOVE it :D

  6. loving the hair girl! it make u look like u have the spotlight on u all the time! lol!

    have to agree with nikki.. mestiza looking indeed!

  7. btw congrats on your magazine column! that's awesome! Greetings from Australia~

  8. You look lovely Shen! I have been wanting to color my hair ash blonde for the longest time. Count: 10 years. No salon can get the color right. Kaya I dropped it altogether. I can't wait to see you in person, pretty Shen! Have a splendid week! :)

  9. Hello there, Ms. Mestiza! Ang ganda ganda naman, partner! :)

  10. Love it, Shen! super tisay! =) Last time I colored my hair that light was 2 years ago. I love how hair color can change our overall look in an instant. For now, I'm a red head. =)

  11. I love it! You look beautiful!

  12. Hello,

    I love your blog and I'm a regular reader. I love this hair colour and I was wondering if you just used L'oreal Professionnel Majilift or some shade of that?

    Please let me know.
    Thanks alot.


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