PUREGLOW Shades of Hue Hot Pinch Blush

PUREGLOW Shade of Hue Blushes

Hot Pinch
Give your cheeks a daring pop of color with Pureglow’s sexy Hot Pinch! It enlivens the face with its rosy tint and can draw someone’s attention from across the room.


I've been using this blush for weeks now and I love how it easily blends on to my skin. It gives me the sweetest glow. The flush is just right and provides me that healthy blush. The satin-like finish gives that dewy look. Needless to say, I enjoy having this blush in my stash. :)

I would definitely recommend this for those who are totally in love blushes and considers it an important part of their daily routine. I haven't been using a lot of eye makeup of late but this blush is quite enough to give me that made-up effect. I make it a point to use this when i feel my skin looks sallow.

Hot Pinch truly is one of the prettiest blush that I have in my stash.

Pureglow has been surprising me everyday with each and every product I try. I have nothing but raves for this brand. I especially love their selection of blushes for it compliments a lot of skintones, mainly Filipina or Asian skin.

And its really affordable, too.

5g jar: Php 125
10g jar: Php 185

A sample of how Hot Pinch looks on me. :)

Hot Pinch is available at

Til next post!

much love,

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  1. sis where is it available?

  2. @Claire M, thanks so much!

    @Rosey, hi! It's available at www.pureglow.multiply.com. :)


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