Event: Shiseido White Lucent Skin Care Launch

Dear beauties,

Are you tired of using concealers to cover those dark spots? How about piling on the foundation because of uneven skintone? Finally after years of research, Shisheido has come up with a skin care that promise to diminish those spots and give you a skin so bright, you glow.

Luxasia deemed me worthy to be among the guests for the launch of Shiseido's White Lucent Skin Care Line, its latest offering to the beauty-addicts like me. White Lucent, with its Melano SensorSystem and Shiseido's whitening ingredients immediately target age spots, darkened pores and pimple marks. In just two weeks, you'll see visible results.

Uber eye cadies introduced the White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum to all the guests.
(we were hoping these men came with our press kits.. just kidding!)

We got to try the product on the spot and I immediately loved the scent. Oh how I wish mom was here to enjoy these products!

The whole line of White Lucent.

I definitely would purchase the immediate products like cleanser, toner and serum. But as with a lot of skin care line, it would be great if we are devoted to one skincare line. So if you still have lots of acne to deal with or thinking of going to the beach anytime soon, better put off using any whitening treatments. Often, my dermatologists would say that we have to deal with the immediate problems before we move on to the next.

My advise, start using skin care lines like White Lucent when vacationing is done or at the beginning of a colder season. Around May and June in the Philippines, I start to deal with the hyper-pigmentation and dark spots on my skin. There is less sun exposure that would ensure my whitening treatments would work without any distraction.

Ms. Momo Nagai, Shiseido's Area Sale Manager for Philippines and Thailand

Me and Nikki were a bit of early birds. :)

Frances of OK! Magazine and Topaz Horizon arrived shortly.
She always gives a refreshing feeling when she's at an event. The place seem less intimidating with her friendly smiles.

Nikki and Frances, two bloggers who dominate the beauty cyberworld!

Beautiful women of Cosmopolitan Philippines.

Jane, Frances and Nikki.

Me, Jane, Frances and Nikki.
I still get starstruck whenever I'm with these ladies, I can't believe I can call them by their first names.. Lol.

You know Nikki and I won't leave without a pose at the photo wall. :)

close up, please!!

Thank to Keith for the photos I was in. :)

So, what are you waiting for? Deal with those dark spots and saves tons of time and money in covering them up. I'm saying this because now I already have reduced my usage of concealer. I can't believe how fast Shiseido White Lucent works! If only there's something for redness then I could go out without a stitch of makeup on! Imagine?

I know I wasn't able to talk so much of the benefit of this products except its immediate effect. Please visit Shiseido Asia website to more in depth information about the White Lucent Line. Everything there would definitely convince you to shell out extra few bucks for this product. For a product that works, nothing is too expensive.

much love,

Shiseido White Lucent is available at all Beauty by SM and leading department store nationwide. Find them all at your favorite malss, too, like Shangri-la (my favorite mall).

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  1. Thats nice event you've visited!
    Which area in Korea you're gonna to visit? Seoul?

  2. anong "a bit early?" we are SUPER DUPER early! hahahahha but it was fun times! It's the experience that counts! :) I'll see you again partner in crime! :D

  3. So many pretty pictures!!! I'll have to visit my nearest Shiseido counter soon to check out their White Lucent line :)


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