Urban Woman: A Guide to Makeup Shopping

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Here I am confessing it all to you. Learn from my mistakes. Makeups should be fun, it should not break our banks nor should it go just sitting on our vanities left unused from all our non-stop shopping.

I'm doing this because I notice that many of us are literally making mistakes and denting our pockets from excessive shopping. I'm a poster child for that definitely and I feel it should it be my advocate to guide you to the right makeup shopping. After all, with all the products out there, we should have a bit (yes, even just a tad) limit when it comes to spending.

This is also another way for me to.... well, to practice what I preach. Since I myself am having a hard time reigning in my shopaholic madness.

Here are some tips that I thought off as I look at the number of makeups that is left unused on my stash:

1. Make a list. There is nothing like a list to ensure that you will only get what came in for. Looking at beauty counters is like being a little girl in a candy store and believe me when I say that when you have a lot of money, you'll get carried away.

2. Set a budget. I know many of us here can really spend our hard-earned dough for makeup alone. But for students out there who are still spending their allowance (no matter how big it is) should really think of setting a budget. I remember one morning when I told my mom that I was hungry and she replied, "Ayan yang makeup mo. Bat di yan kainin mo?" (There's your makeup, why don't you eat those?). I know she said it jest but it definitely stroke a cord. The exuberant allowance she gave me then wasn't benefiting to be wasted on makeup alone. She gives that to me to ensure that during emergencies, I have my own money.

3. Credit cards isn't really just cards. They make you think that you're not spending anything but you are. You don't want to give the parents heart attack when they receive their billing statements, right?

4. Buy quality over quantity. This is the common occurrence on online shopping. I'm the number onr victim of this from way back. Quality products are dime a dozen in the makeup industry. Quality isn't about the hefty price tags either, you can find them in the least expected places as many of my beauty blogger friends could attest. So don't hoard when you have yet to test the quality of the product you bought. A good product will always find its way to you, believe me.

5. Take a trip... away from the counter. The counter lights can be deceiving and could only show your makeup in literally, the best lights. So try moving away from the yellow lights and on to white lights that will show if you really got the right shade of foundation or liptick.

6. Don't be afraid of sales attendant. I learned early on that getting intimidated by a sales associate leads me to buying the wrong stuff just so i could get away from the store immediately. Tell them politely that you know your way around makeup and could handle yourself. That if should you need them, you will approach them for help. A slight touch on their elbows or arm should do this trick as it delivers you're point. That's my trick anyway.

7. Swatch it. If you're really undecided with what to buy, swatch or re-swatch again the products that caught your fancy. The testers are there for a reason, make sure that you buy what looks good on you. Let those sales lady snide at you, you are their boss at the moment and they can't throw you out the store.

8. Stop the makeup envy. have you ever been a victim of this? I know I was. But it has to stop at some point. I learned that not all lipstick my friend buys will look good on me. If you're really close, you can borrow them. If not, swatch it again at the counter and stroll the mall for an hour before deciding if it really looks good on you. If for more than an hour, you find 3 excuses not to get it. Don't get it. :)

9. Research! Research! Research! Blogs and beauty cosmetic sites are there for a reason, for you to have different opinions of the product you are contemplating on purchasing. Make sure you have the proper knowledge about the product before purchasing them. Are they really right for your skin? Is the price reasonable enough? Will it enhance your beauty? What shades are available.

10. Don't be impulsive. I'm an impulsive shopper. I've been dubbed the panic buyer amongst my friends. I always tell them that I'm not, I'm just decisive. But who am i kidding? I've bought several things that is still left unused on my stash because of this panic buying thing. So take it from me. Don't be hesitant to stroll around the mall before spending that had-earned cash on a blush color that you know you have 3 shades similar to it at home.

A good mantra is always "Do I really need it?". The sad thing is makeups isn't really a need, it's a luxury for us girls to reward ourselves for a week's worth of gruelling overtime or seemingly endless exams. We always feels good with a shopping bag on our hands and new stuff to play with at home. No one can blame us for that. But don't spend beyond your means.

I'm not saying I regret buying those things I've got. God know I don't. But I could have waited. I've come to realize that Rustan's and Watson's isn't going anywhere. And that Online shops are always one click away. My heart need not palpitate every time a new product is on the rise same when my credit card bill arrives.

I sincerely hope that I didn't burst any bubbles here about makeups. This after all is a blog about incurable addiction. LOL. :) Consider this my own disclaimer for being an influence in making you shop like a madman. Hehehe! :)

Bottom line is, makeup should always be fun and not a burden to you and your loved ones. :)

much love,

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  1. I completely agree! I'm such a crazy collector that even though I have the same eye shadow shades, if it comes in a pretty box I usually get it again. Ugh. I really must lessen this crazy addiction of mine!

  2. very informative post! i love tip No. 5..

  3. Hi ms shen, this is the reason why I love reading your blog... I'm learning a lot of things from you.

    Thank you

  4. great guide! i wish i could stick to these rules when shopping!

  5. Wow! thank you very much for these! :)

  6. Every word is true. still, I'm proud to say, Go shopaholics! practical shopoholics (I mean)! =)

  7. Naku, Shen, thanks so much for this post. You made me remember soooo much scenarios in my life with the tips you gave (I hope you could see my face! LOL). Not only with makeup, I'm actually more addicted in buying shoes, that sometimes, it takes months before I have the chance to finally use them! Thanks talaga!

  8. This post is the best for me.It's something I always deal with-and deep inside i know the reasons and what to logically do but i guess I just needed someone to tell me :P haha

    thank you so much! :P

  9. nice post, very practical

  10. I agree completely. Thanks for this post. I'm guilty of make up envy. haha... :P I'll definitely try this next time I thought of buying make up. I've just started "collecting" and using make up yet I think I've been spending a lot already... considering I don't really buy the expensive ones... :P Thanks, Shen. :)

  11. Very enlightening, Shen. I'm an impulsive buyer too...and I'm just happy that for the past few months I can really convince myself not to buy the stuff I want haha..and I'm really finish up everything before I get new ones :)

    I so agree with everything ^_^

  12. an excellant post. Thanks very much! You put lots of things into perspective

  13. I hope you don't mind I linked this post sa It's Time! Super sensible and I learned a lot of things. Thank you for the wonderful posts, Shen sweetie!

  14. TOTALLY AGREE on each and every word you said my dearie!!!! Let's all practice what you've written here! KAYA NATIN TO!!!

  15. those are sooo true! but honestly, i find it hard not to be makeup envious hehe. but at least i try to do swatching before i decide to buy, naks.

    btw sis, please join my contest!


  16. was smiling when i read and i quote " I've come to realize that Rustan's and Watson's isn't going anywhere."..

    i specifically remember asking my boss to move my shift half an hour later because i was still at Rustans Essences. and those days im dying to go to watsons/grocery stores with or without anything in particular to buy (just like today)!

  17. Eiyanne_mhei5/2/12 12:32 AM

    totoo to! :( im a newbie in makeup so i can attest to this. supposedly bibili lang ako ng isang blush on and isang lipstick pero pagapunta ko sa store i ended up buying six items huhuhu.


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