Summer and Fine Lines (Shen's Favorite Eye Creams)

The title doesn't sound good, right?

Summer is here.. and for the most of us, summer is a time for late night outs. Parties and clubbing, baby!! But late night outs usually mean baggy and dark under eyes. Hate those... don't you? Well, so do I! Let me share you my favorite products in eliminating those problems.

For summer, I've giving you 4 of my favorite eye creams that says bye-bye to those unsightly eye problems.

1. Shu Uemura Red:Juvenus Vitalizing Line-reducing Eye Essence.

The patented Phyto-Red Energy Complex of Amalaki + Pomegranate + Lycopene Capsule 2X helps diminish the first signs of aging. That's definitely for us early 20's to late 30's ladies. Why wait when we're 40's to start using anti-aging cream, right? For me, Red: Juvenus takes only about a week use for me to notice the difference. Although it didn't lighten my eyes as much as I would have wanted but the lines have disappeared sufficiently when used day and night religiously. Although people with severe oily skin condition may find this a bit too moisturizing on the skin. But that isn't always a bad news. Start fighting those aging signs with one of Shu's best skin care line.

Available at Shu Uemura counters located at Rustan's Department Store Makati and Shangri-la and Shu Uemura Store at Powerplant Mall.

2. Goodskin Lab's Tri-Aktiline (Php2,600)

This is a miracle in a tube. Not only does it reduce my lines overtime. It works as a primer that instantly fills in my lines for a smoother look. Swiper can attest to the effectivity of this. I usually use this as a primer before I apply my sunblock and undereye concealer. See immediate results (like seconds of use) and notice how velvety smooth your skin is and the lines visibly reduce. Oh and it's for the whole face, too! Isn't that amazing? The amazing cocktail of patented ingredients helps resolve our line dilemmas.

What I love about this magical filler? It works well with my makeup! I can actually use a anti-aging product as a primer! I don't have to wait too long for the product to seep into my skin. I can use my sunscreen immediately prior to my using this product and ensure my sunscreen indeed protect me.

Available at all Beauty by SM.

3. Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On (NOW ONLY Php 199!!)

Oh how do I love this product. It's sincerely affordable and hits all the eye problems instantly. A definite win for woman of all classes. There is no product like this one. The best thing about this product is its draining effects that mimics massage motion that helps reduce the puffiness immediately. I was bawling my eyes out one evening and had an event to attend to the next day. I simply couldn't wake up to a super puffy eyes. I immediately grabbed Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On and poof! No more puffy eyes. Only heartbreak.. hahaha! Just kidding! :)

Available at all leading department stores, groceries, Watson's and Beauty by SM.

4. The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Eye Cream (Php1,195)

Purist out there will definitely love this eye cream. The community trade ingredients of Babassu, Olive Oil, Alove Vera and Organic Sugar Cane that makes a great concoction of organic anti-aging product that all people will love. Especially, the ones who are truly going for a greener and chemical-free life. This is the lastest eye cream that I've been using and I already see good signs. The scent is amazing. It smelled like I just got out of the shower feel. Maybe its the aloe vera. I love that my under eyes looks a lot more supple and less harag looking when I don't get the required 8 hour sleep. Lines may take a bit more time to reduce but I feel this working in a matter of weeks.

Available at your favorite The Body Shop stores.


My mom was very picky with the products she used. She makes sure that despite the exuberant price tags, she gets what she's paying for. And even if she scrimp on other beauty products she ensures that it works. The products mentioned above are chosen with the same principles I know that many people are on a budget but would not sacrifice quality while some goes for the higher end products a reason of their own.

Nobody can say what's the best since our skin is mostly different from one another. But I do hope that you find here what you've been looking for and I was able to guide you in finding the right eye cream for you.

We, after all, wouldn't want those fine lines and dark under eyes stop us from enjoying this summer!

How, who's going to Boracay andd willing to take me? :) LOL!

much love,

P.S. Coming up soon.. Guys, you too won't have an excuse for those dark under eyes and fine lines! :)

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  1. Hey shen! I've been curious about the Garnier roll-on ever since it came out. Does it really brighten the undereye, or is it more of an anti-puffiness eye cream?

    I am currently using the pond's lightening eye cream thing which I think does a pretty good job. But if I plan to be super pagod and super puyat, I need some heavy duty brigtening eye cream that's affordable :)

  2. this is really helpful shen! thanks for posting.

  3. Angelamadlyinlove21/3/12 9:25 AM

    haist!! one of my biggest problem..dark eye circle..thanks for the info shen.


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