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Something pure this way comes.

Aren't you just ecstatic when a great product from the U.S. or any part of the world hits our shores? Although I am an advocate of Filipino-made products, I can't help but admire the innovation of those not from here. Who wasn't thrilled when MAC, Lancome, Paul and Joe, Shu Uemura and Stila came here? I know I was.

I think foreign companies recognize how Filipinos are serious with their hair care. Year by year, we opt for something that will provide us the best in hair maintenance. That is why Pureology is now available to us.

Pureology, the number one in hair colour care is finally here!

But there are so much out there available for hair colour care? What makes it different and worth a second look?

From the name itself, Pureology boasts of its all natural formulations mainly the AntiFade Complexand ZeroSulfate shampoos. The creator, Jim Markham, initially made Pureology for a friend who was suffering from cancer and has grown to be a power brand that haircolorists love and support.

The AntiFadeComplex®, a unique and exclusive blend of potent antioxidants that includes Vitamins C and E, and a full spectrum of UVA and UVB sunscreens with Heliogenol, a sunflower seed cake extract that offers additional UV protection. The AntiFadeComplex® defends hair against free radical damage to help optimize colour retention and protect from harsh environmental factors.

Pureology also offers the gentlest sulfate-free technology, free of harsh colour-stripping sulfates and salts. The ZeroSulfate Shampoos replace standard cleansing agents with naturally-derived cleansers from coconut, corn and sugar, making them mild, yet giving a rich lather to ensure lustrous, radiant colour.

Aside from caring for colour, Pureology’s decadent formulas are also highly concentrated. Each product is an invitation to experience the ultimate multi-sensory experience as our products are full of superior ingredients with signature aromatherapy blends, and deliciously lavish textures. Our Concentrated Formulas also last twice as long as others, offering more moments of sensory pleasure per bottle.

Finally, all Pureology products are made without animal products or by-products, making them
100% Vegan. They are also infused with precious Organic Botanicals which are harvested from plants grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or other chemicals to deliver natural conditioning and vitality to hair.

Pureology has three different ranges that caters to the popular needs of colour care.

1. Hydrate Range - for dry, colour-treated hair. It features Advanced Hydrating Micro-Emulsion Technology with conditioning organic botanicals such as Rose, Peppermint and Green Tea and multi-weight proteins of Soy, Oat and Wheat. Isabel Roces, a Vegan and a top model, loved its light texture, rich lather and aromatic essence. The Hydrate range has 4 products: Hydrate Shampoo (Php1,095), Hydrate Condition (Php1,395), Hydrate ShineMax—a ZeroAlcohol Serum (Php1,395), and Hydrate HydraCure—an intense therapy masque (Php1,895).

2. PureVolume Range - for fine, colour-treated hair. It features Advanced Volumizing Micro-Emulsion Technology with Organic Botanicals such as Lavender, Basil and Frankincense, and also features multi-weight proteins of Soy, Oat and Wheat as well. Though she has been a Pureology user since 2001, tri-athlete and mother Debbie Yabut, was surprised to find a range for fine hair. She says the products keep her hair soft and shiny. Moreover, in spite of usually having limp hair, she has also said that the range helps keep her hair full and bouncy. The range comprises of PureVolume Shampoo (Php1,095), PureVolume HairCondition—a conditioner (Php1,395) and the PureVolume BlowDryAmplifier—a lightweight texturizer used while blow drying to add bounce and flexibility to hair. (Php1,395)

3. EssentialRepair Range - for distressed, colour treated hair. It features Advanced Repairing Micro-Emulsion Technology with restorative Organic Botanicals Chamomile and Olive Oil. Leica Carpo, tri-athlete and writer, says she loves the refreshing scent and the condition of her hair after using the products. The most extensive range, EssentialRepair features EssentialRepair Shampoo (Php1,095), EssentialRepair HairCondition—a conditioner (Php1,395), EssentialRepair RestorativeHairMasque (Php1,895). Essential Repair also features three different texturizers. These are: EssentialRepair SplitEndCorrectingTreatment, EssentialRepair Instant Repair—a weightless leave-in conditioner, EssentialRepair ColourMax—a protective mist-spray for everyday use. (All texturizers Php1,395)

A brand with the heart, Pureology uses only recyclable materials for their containers and soy ink for their prints. They also support different environmental and social cause such as Palawan Animal Welfare Association (PAWA), Kapit Bisig Para sa Pasig and Tanggol Kalikasan. Meaning, some of the proceeds will go to the following organization every time we buy ourselves this all natural colour care products.

Going vegan is getting way easier now than ever.

much love,

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