Product Review: L'oreal Ultra-Volume Collagene

I realized that I don't do a lot of mascara reviews when it is one of the most important part of my eye makeups. My makeup routine isn't complete when I don't coat my lashes with mascara.

Ultra-Volume Collagene Mascara is one of those that has really intrigued me when i saw it on the pages of magazines. And i'm one of those people who buys a product that is endorsed by actresses or models that I like. Eva Longaria is one of those, just looking at her oh-so volumized lashes made me covet this mascara more. I know its pathetic and not one of the best way to judge a product... blame it on me watching too much TV while growing up til present. To my disappointment though, the mascara wasn't out yet in the L'oreal counters of my favorite malls.

Thankfully though Santa seems to like giving me early Christmas gifts, I got a full size sample of this mascara a few days before it was released (or was it after, I can't remember).

Collagen, a well-known ingredient in skin care for its volume-making properties has been added for the first time in a mascara –for that structure in your lashes that you have always been looking for. Combine that with an instant impact brush for maximum volume in one stroke without clumps and you have the mascara that women ready for an impacting intense result with strong expectation on volume have been waiting for.

Ultra-Volume Collagene Mascara gives 12x more impact without clumps! It is made smudge-proof especially for Asians and definitely won’t run and won’t flake. The search is over for a one-step volume, instant change and lash-building mascara with the new
Ultra-Volume Collagene Mascara!

one coat application.

My thoughts: Upon application, you'll definitely have the sudden heavy-like feel on your lashes. Much like similar when you've applied your false eyelashes. Starting from the roots to the outer tip of my lashes, every lashes s coated with mascara. The collagen in the formula thickens the lashes to give it a more dimentional look. You'll definitely see a big difference. The consistency is much like the Telescopic but a bit more thick. It really volumize my lashes as it promises. You'll really feel the thickening of the lashes once applied and when it dries. Hence, you see results instantly (see picture below for comparison)

The dislike though is the wand in itself. I'm sure the wand is the tool to give my lashes the volumize-effect. But nevertheless, I didn't find this wand helpful in terms of making a clean application. Maybe because my permed lashes are just way too curly that it touches my lids. But nevertheless, I love the results. I just need to get use to the brush. And though it is not bigger than other Jumbo mascaras in the market, it is relatively bigger than a normal wand. It also clumps on me on occasion that i don't take of excess off of the brush, although this didn't happen to me prior to perming my lashes.

The loves for the Ultra-Volume Collagene is that it truly provides me the most volumized lashes and even lengthens it a bit (eventhough its not one of its effects). It has lesser clumps compared to the other mascaras that I've tried. It is in every way smudge-proof. All day and all night, this mascara didn't budge on me and my oily eyeskin. Its a dream to behold (minus the wand). This brush give me my lashes the dose of collagen it badly needs. :)

please excuse the eyebrows, I'm in Chubaka mode. :)

Overall, I have a love and hate relationship with L'oreal's latest Mascara, Ultra-Volume Collagene. I love the consistency so much but the wand is not working for me on occasion. But I definitely adore that its smudge-proof but easy to take off with my L'oreal Lip and Eye Gentle Makeup Remover.

I give it a score of 3.5 out 5 Kikay Pinay Points.

Roll off the wand instead of swiping it as you normal see on TV etc.
Count 1-10 as you apply mascara on the lashes of each eye.
If you don't have a mascara guard, use a calling card to guard your eyelids.
Curl your lashes, no use in applying mascra as it won't matter when its sticks outward instead of up. :)
Curl your lashes from tips to root instead of the opposite. (thanks to Jheng for this advise)

Hope you find this post helpful. :) So what mascara do you have a love and hate relationship? :)

much love,

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