Meet and Greet: Gracie of Glitz and Glamour

We've been counting the days til Gracie arrives. We are all so excited to meet her. I cut my day off from work to go and meet her at Robinson's Manila (Ermita). Nikki was already there with Gracie and when I got there, screeching sound of my voice came out of me because just literally am happy to finallly meet Gracie. Truly, meeting a blogger is like meeting a friend you haven't seen a while.

Gracie is with her fiance, Neil. Sam is with his aunt and cousins having a blast. But us adults, we indulged in hours of chikahan. Nikki and I brought Gracie and Neil to Dencio's to enjoy good Filipino food (more on those later). Had a bit of coffee at Coffee bean and Tea leaf when Jheng and Christian joined us. And when it was time for Nikki and Keith to head home, the rest of us still hit TGIF for a round of drinks. :)

The night ended with a little buzz from my drink and loads of fun. It was so gracious of Gracie to meet up with us despite the fact that she had a long trip going to the province the next day. We really spared a day to meet us.. :) We were only too happy to know that she'll be here in Manila for a week before she leaves. yehey! I'm thinking... clubbing!

jheng, me, nikki and gracie.. :)

There are more photos on my facebook so check that.. :)

I'm just so happy that i finally met Gracie, she is as wonderful as she is online. :)
Thanks for taking the time to meet with us, Gracie!
Jheng and Nikki, well, can never get enough of you both! You're fun!
and the hubbies are just very supportive! :)

much love,

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