Matrix Opti-Straight, rebonding at Emil Barredo Salon

Rebonding session won! One Sunday, from my place in Manila, I went to Emil Barredo at Plaridel, Bulacan to finally straightened out my hair problem.. :) He's my go-to guy when it comes to the said treatment. His people knows my hair very well and every visit at his salon has always proven to be satisfactory. He has rebonded my hair for 5 years now and I doubt I'll have it rebonded by someone else in the near future.

State of hair prior to Rebonding is very wavy, poofing all over and there is already a ponytail mark on the mid section of my hair. I find it embarrasing to say the least and I'm sure my mom will say the same... :)

I opted to get Matrix Opti-straight Rebonding compared to the others that are available because I used the same brand in my hair coloring. Keeping it in the family, I should say. :)

After rebonding session

closer look of my hair...

Protocol is not to wash the hair for three days, its yucky but its a must if you don't want to damage your hair.

After three days, I washed my hair with my current shampoo and conditioner. This is a pic of my hair the next morning (day 6).

no comb has touched this hair since i woke up. I just arranged it like that with my hands. Its still straight save for some dents on the edge due to my sleep.. :)

If you wanna know my take on rebonding and my previous rebonding session with Emil. Click this link: My 4th Rebonding Session with Emil.

I'm enjoying my hair right now. Its showcasing my hair color better than in a pony tail. Its still no fuss so morning rits are shortened. Not to mention my hair looks healthier, softer and shinier. Provided i give all the post-care it needs, I'm sure this rebonding will last me another year yet again. :)

Oh, my fee only amounted to not more than P4,000.00 ($83). Tips included. :) They have a much cheaper alternative that i have used before (see my other rebonded post) and I highly recommend it. Treatment lasted for almost 6 hours including the cellophane and hair spa. I was in at 11am, out around 5pm.

So, how do you like my new hair? and have you experienced rebonding?

much love,

If you want to get your hair rebonded, here's his address and contact no.:
Emil Barredo Salon
Rocka Complex Tabang, Plaridel, Bulacan (take Sta. Rita Exit)

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  1. Rodalynjavier2/12/11 11:20 PM

    yung sakin nasira.. wala nang yari matrix din ang ginamit ko subrang nkakaasar binili ko yung gamot sa HBC.. i spend a lot of money and the result is not good .. what should i do..

  2. bakit ka naman kasi nagdo it yourself. go to a reputable salon. ang have them fix it. 

  3. Ladyanne22814/12/11 6:23 PM

    pde po b un sa bgung color ng hair/

  4. If you don't mind me asking, how curly is your hair? I have really curly hair so I'd like to know if this would work for me.

  5. hi.. just a question, its been years na that you used matrix, is it ok pa ba?


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