Glowing Shen, Secrets Unveiled (Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals)

Before the start of the work week (i hear groaning and moaning from all you ladies!), I am now unveiling the mystery product that has helped me cover up my dark spots, pimples (but not bumpy ones) and a few lines here in there. I'm sorry it took so long to unveil but I was double checking the results, making sure that it wasn't a one time thing. :)

Remember this POST?

Well, my secret is....

The New Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Line!

I was quite surprised myself when I saw the results of the pictures and the compliments that I have been receiving... If they only knew what the real state of my skin, they would say otherwise.

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation

Number of days used: 14 days within 3 weeks
Shade: N02 Shell Beige
Tools used: Latex wedge, Non-latex wedge, Stippling brush, Foundation brush
Price: P299
Size: 18ml

1. Consistency seems thick, not watery at all. (between tinted moisturizer and thick liquid foundation)
2. Glides on smoothly (according to my tests: its best applied with a sponge compared to a stippling and foundation brush.. even i was surprised.)
3. Dries up fairly quickly ( a good thing for me)
4. Provide light to medium coverage only (does not cover very dark pimple mark, very cystic pimples)
5. Lessens redness on the skin (about 40% of redness was eliminated)
6. Does not have odd smell
7. No skin irritations or bad reactions.
8. Without primer, tends to clump up a few hours from application (test on a very humid weather and extreme sun exposure)
9. Good for office use as it stays on until end of shift.
10. Little to no touch-up needed when partenered with mineral foundation.

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Powder Foundation
Contains No Preservative, No oil, No fragrance and has SPF 25/PA++. Here's what i think about it.

Number of days tried 16 days out of three weeks
Shade: N01 Buff
Tools used: MAC 180, Everyday Minerals Flat top brush, Bare Naturals Flat top brush, Ellana Buffer Brush
Price: P599
Size: 8 grams

1. Contains no parabens (yey!)
2. Contains bismuth oxychloride (which may cause itching to some. personally experienced it during hot temps but goes away after a while)
3. Buildable coverage (light to medium when used alone)
4. Finely-milled powders that glides on smoothly even on my rough skin.
5. No white cast noticed on pictures.
6. Powders easily settles with the abovementioned, Mineral Liquid Foundation.
7. Few shades available
8. Very affordable for the price and size
9. Brush is included (tolerable but not the best)
10. Given that all mineral powders are messy, expect this one to be especially when tossed in the bag.
11. Lasts as long as typical mineral foundation (about 4 hours or so depending on the temp./weather)
12. Redness reduced (at least on mine) up to 80% (used along with the liqud foundation); alone, about 60%
13. Retouch, once or twice in a day with Clearsmooth Pressed Powder.
14. Does not instantly cover pimple marks or dark spots.
15. Conceals dark undereye baggies really well.
16. I have trouble of it settling on my lines.

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Luminious Blush.

Number of days used: 17 days out of 3 weeks
Shade: N01 Original Rose
Tools used: Blusche Angled Brush, MAC 187 dupe from Divisoria, MAC 187 SE, MAC 160 SE.
Price: P499.00

1. Very pigmented, a little goes a long way.
2. Shade is good with all skintones.
3. This more on a peach to mauvey side
4. Has fine shimmer only noticeable at very strong light
5. Provides a nice sheen/glow on the cheeks without making it look oily
6. Can be used as contour shade depending on how heavily it is applied
7. Limited shades to choose from (sad, i know).

Powder Foundation|Luminous Blush|Liquid Foundation
N01 Buff|N01 Original Rose|N02 Shell Beige

this is a swatch of the mineral foundation powder and then the blush on top. You'll notice that my veins' color are not visible anymore compared to the veins on the other side of my hand.

1. I prefer using a flat top brush rather than the brush it came with. (mineral powder foundation) I like MAC 180 for the powder but my Barenaturals flat top brush does the job. The denser, the better.
2. May still need your HG concealer. I use a mineral concealer, Ellana Radiant Concealer, to hide what the mineral liquid and powder foundation can't. (ie. bumpy pimples, really cystic reddish ones).
3. This really is a budget friendly line that does the job for a drugstore brand.
4. Stay true to what Mineral makeup is and that is fewer ingredients without the irritants.
5. Easily accessible to a lot of Filipinas, it being able in major department stores, Watson's and other cosmetic counters.
6. I find the shades limiting unlike other established mineral makeup companies who has about 9 or more shades.
7. I will definitely buy again once I've used up all of these.
8. I am quite addicted to the blush color and the liquid foundation.
9. This is very ideal for those who want to achieve a natural look without any caking or putting on a lot of coverage.
10. For oily skin girls like me, still keep the oil control film near. This is a great mineral makeup but we still need a miracle for our oilmine faces. :)
11. Has Holy Grail potential in my opinion.
12. I believe that this will be a hit on blemish-free ladies out there and even with those who have just a few blemishes. (i only had to use a little concealer and viola! I'm good to go.)
13. I suggest using a primer or moisturizer so the product won't settle onto your pores so much.
14. I couldn't achieve the same effect using a different mineral liquid foundation. :(

Bottom line, the Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral Makeup Line works for me... two thumbs up!

Products used:
(no primer)
Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral Liquid Foundation (P299)
Ellana Radiant Concealer (only on dark spots and cystic pimples) (P190)
Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral Powder Foundation (599)
Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral Luminious Blush (P499)

Maybelline EyeStudio Knockout Neutral in Gold Nuggets Palette (449)
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner (P400 estimate)
MaybellineUnstoppable Curly Extension Mascara (P349)
Ellana Wish MPM for eyebrows (P130)

Maybelline Fruit Jelly in Passion Fruit (P129)

Who says its difficult to achieve a fabulous look with products that are healthy for the skin with just a few bucks?

you don't have to buy all these products in one shopping cart.
I suggest you get the Mineral Foudation Powder first and an eyeshadow pallette.
Then, we see how it goes.. :)

much love,

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