Product Review: Cleansing Oils by Shu Uemura + BTB 2009 Tokyo Kamon Girls Photos

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils has been a staple in my makeup regimen everyday (yes, I use it everyday). Even those days I only use a tinted sunscreen, I still cleanse my face with a few drops of this wonderful products.

My mom taught me that there are certain things that we can opt to buy even if its expensive because of the high quality make of the product. Since we can binge on some other things, we can indulge in luxurious things once in awhile. For me, Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils are one of the few I choose to put on such luxury list.

Despite the exuberant price tag that comes along with this miraculous makeup remover, I can definitely say it is worth my every penny (centavo, to us Philippine residents).

why, you ask?

  • No stingy feel whatsoever.
  • Does not sting my eyes.
  • It effectively removes whatever makeup I had on.
  • It moisturizes my skin, that I can't get from typical makeup remover.
  • Leaves a refreshing feel after I wash it off, no feel of oiliness at all.
  • No tightness in my skin.
  • Doubles as facial wash.
  • Numerous variants to choose from, according to skin type
Lessens my face's redness.

When I'm breaking out, I specifically use my Premium A/I variant. This was reccommended by the Shu SA at Rustan's Shangri-la since he saw how bad my breakouts and this is when the most sensitive my skin gets.

The high performance balancing oil Fresh is great when my skin is in the healing stage and at its oiliest (specifically summertime) since its best for combination to oily skin and acne-prone skin. This I would recommend for my dear readers to try first.

Another variant that caught my attention is the High Performace Balancing Oil in Advanced Formula since this removes my eye makeup faster compared to the 3 I've tried. this definitely leaves my skin fresh smelling and clean.

The cons of these oils are minimal. Save for the price, using cleansing oils takes a certain amount of time when removing eye makeup. Specifically those in your waterline area, mascara and eyeliner. I'm only too happy to partner my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil with either my Maybelline Eye Makeup Remover or L'oreal Lip and Eye Gentle Makeup Remover.

Shen Reports:
I proved my Premium A/I variant's reliability during a late night drinking spree at my cousin's house. I always have a sachet (given as gift with purchace) with me whenever I go out just in case I need to remove my makeup. I was dead tired and drunk to go home, I opted to stay over. Of course, we don't sleep with our makeup on, I used that sachet to remove all my makeup. I'm only happy to report that i was able to remove my eye makeup and foudation with only that sachet.

I massaged my face with the oil, added a few drops to emulsify the oil against my skin, and washed everything off. Despite all the alcohol in my system, I can say that my skin felt moisturized due to the licorice
root derivative, amino botanical complex and deep sea water.
I may get a bad hangover in the morning but at least my face felt baby smooth. :)

High praises with this one and 5 Kikay Pinay points. :)

If you could wait to try this until July 2009, you can get the Shu Uemura BTB 2009 Tokyo Kamon Girls by Moyoko Anno. The Kamon girl on each bottles are just covetable.

How about you? What's your fave makeup remover?

much love,

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