Sutil's Big 3-0 with Kikay Pinay

The day started with just a thought of work... Then, thanks to Yahoo! Messeanger! Sutil and I decided to meet up for dinner to celebrate her birthday. :D We had dinner at Zao Vietnamese Resto in Serendra then drinks at Fez Bar.

It's been a while since I've seen her and I'm glad that I was able to share this day with her albeit the rush of planning. Having drinks with this girl is a must! We were suppose to meet up again tonight but I didn't like the idea of sneezing in front of the girls all time we're eating. My colds are getting pretty bad with weather we're having.

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sis! Remember, everyday can be your birthday!!

these two just love cocktails!

sorry for the poor pic quality. I forgot to de-macro my cam. I guess, this time a picture doesn't say a thousand words... we did! We chatted for nearly three hours that going home was just really hard to do. Too bad dad was driving us so we had to cut our chika time short. At least we didn't have to commute at that late hour. :)

In fairness, screwdriver at Fez is one of a kind! Reall hit me once I got home. Yummy! How was your lychee martini again, Brigitte?

much love,

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