Personal: Laguna Weekend with Friends and Family

Hi everyone! Did you miss me? Even a little? As for me, I've missed blogging so much but life is just preventing me from doing so. Lately, it has been a whirlwind of catching up with friends and family. I love being with them as much as I love blogging. Just balancing, I guess... :)

Anyway, I'm back from Laguna (City of Hot Springs here in the Philippines), the friends, cousins and I decided to rent out a private pool to enjoy for the weekend. I can't tell you how fun it was! The place was really great. There a karaoke, pool table, bamboo bed and the bathroom is just amazing!! :) We got there pretty late due to the heavy traffic. We ate baby back ribds for dinner and sang old tunes at the karaoke. We then proceeded to swim and drink til about 7am.

The next day was equally fun! We swam and took lots and lots of picture. We got boozed up again after a sumptuous lunch of spicy buttered garlic, crispy pata and legua estofada. All of us were too full to chat! LOL!

It was such a great day to unwind and enjoy the summer. Even if I got colds and slight fever after, I didn't mind. :)

I'm posting a few of my fave pics of the weekend..:) Pictures were taken by zelot, some by me and Kathy.. :) Most pics are on my Facebook. Add me up (Lee Shen Gee)!

Friends for life and death..

You've probably seen these girls with me in my previous posts. But to those who haven't, these are the friends I've had for nearly most of my life. We've been through hell and back and then hell and then back again...
It's true that you can't buy happiness.
But I'm glad I didn't have to pay for it anyway.

much love,

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