YumYum: Homemade Mini Pizza Pie

It was a lazy hot Saturday, R and I decided to forgo our pets' grooming to the evening since the sun was scorching hot come afternoon.

We decided to prepare the stuff I bought for homemade mini pizza. :)

All we needed were:
1 Sachet of Ready-to-use Pizza Sauce
1 Pack of mini pizza dough (10x, but we ate 8pc only.)
1/2 Quickmelt cheese
4 slices of pre-sliced cheese
5 slices of Spam

Prepare however you like.

I didn't really time the toaster. I just pre-heated it while i was preparing the mini pizzas. Then, popped it in the oven. Really, this is a no-brainer. Even kids can easily do this. :) Just watch out for the oven coz its hot. :)

First batch: Used Quikmelt cheese here. :)


Second Batch: Used pre-cliced cheese here. thought it wouldn't taste as good as the first batch but surprisingly, I love this better! The cheese was just right!

love it!!

Reminds me of the Pizza sold in our school before. Remember 3M pizza in Araneta Cubao? It almost have similar taste. :)

Alternative ingredients"
Pizza dough- pan de sal, loaf bread
Pizza sauce- tomato paste, tomato sauce, tomato ketchup
Spam- sausage, sam, or whatever canned meat you have at home

I don't think our meal amounted to P300.00. Beats ordering in. :)

Bon Appetit!

(excuse me!)

much love,

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