Haul: Coastalscents' 66 Color Lip Palette (with initial review)

When I first saw this on blogger friend, Jheng of abubots, I've been lemming for this.
Thanks to Khymm, I was able to get my grubby hands on this palette finally.

look, Khymm even added samples to my purchase. :) how sweet! thanks!

the matte black casing really looks professional for anybody's use.

most colors are really usable, while some are great for makeup artist's use.

a proper pic for everyone (click to view larger version)

comparison to a 5g jar

I find the amount limiting but I don't think that it will be a problem since it will be mainly for personal use. Using the palette is hygenic for I would need to use a brush or a cotton swab. Such a great practice for me especially when I do pursue my dreams of becoming a professional make-up artist.

Here are some pictures taken on a natural light (noon):

violet lip color, applied sparingly (3rd color, last column)

yes, i was curious on how it would actually look like. lol! (5th color, 4th column)

I love this kind of pink! (2nd color, 6th column)

bright orange! (4th color, 8th column)

With these swatches, I agree that the lip colors are indeed pigmented. And that makes this purchase worthwhile. :)

Thanks Khymm, for letting go one of your palettes to me. :)

So, will purchase again? Definitely! If nobody sells this in my country I'll definitely bear the waiting (coz our PO is so slow) and purchase through Coastalscents. :)... and maybe get me the complete collection of their gel liners. lol!

But if you have trouble waiting, check out Khymm's site, she still have more palettes for sale (88 e/s, neutral palette and 66 lip colors)

much love,

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  1. here is video review of 66 lip palette http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxfPA2JreVs


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