Gadgets: Semi-geek in accessorizing...

I would rather say that I'm a Full Geek but I can't... I can work the computer/laptop/wirings of my DVD to my TV + speakers but that's about what I know. I don't read manuals and I hate the too-techie terms my friends use. I mean, i don't hate it-hate it, just that it confuses me. Grrr... i'm frustrated but really, i'd like to know more if given the chance.

So, one fine day... Instead of visiting the Health and Beauty part of SM Megamall for makeup, I found myself drawn to Cyberzone asking for PSP quotation and external harddrive for me meager 250GB HDD Toshiba Laptop (the pictures are catching up...).

I saw this baby inside a display in Comp Link Shop. I decided to get the 320 GB Seagate FreeAgent | Go. The Seagate site describes it as

"The ultimate portable storage solution with the world's first hard drive docking station* for easy access to all your stuff. Sleek, ultra-thin design that's as stylish as it is striking".
Not to mention that Seagate is especially recommended by friends and family. :)

So far, all my PC and Laptop files fits in this slim sleek baby. :) I simply am in love with this.

I don't know if I'm developing an obessession for A4 or that I just want my accessories uniform for my laptop. Either way, I just got me an A4 Dualfit Metallic Earphone. This earphones are amazing. Like I have 2 earphones in one. It drowns noise really well especiall when the BF is watching TV and I'm watching my shows or listening to tutorials in youtube.

Honestly, gadgets give me the same high as much as makeup and bags do. I sincerely swear that if I'm as fluent with tech gargon as the Gadgenista, i'll blog about kikay gadgets as well. Oh well, let's leave that to the experts. :)

much love,

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