WOW! Project Runway Philippines - The Finale

OMG!! I know I'm late and was never really that updated with this show... I just watched the Project Runway Philippines latest episode where Veejay, Philip and Aries showed their final collection.

My reaction: As in WOW!!!

I'm so in love with Philip's design!!! for someone like me who hated crochet back in grade school (i didn't get the hang of it in our home eco class!), Philip's design just made me itch to start crocheting again! And he makesme want to hit the gym so every piece of his collection will fit me like crazy! I think I want him to design my wedding gown... LOL!

Veejay is my kind of designer. As a girl who never was into prints, Veejay's design is within my lifestyle... Minimalist, easy to dress up and can be used anytime of the year... I want everything in this collection! The taupe-ish color is just serene... It may not be wow-ing in factor but nevertheless will be loved by many Filipinas. Veejay's design is something a lot of us can wear!

Photos: BusinessMirror

Christian is that you? Well, it kind of reminded me if Siriano's collection because it was edgy, the comparison ends there. :) Aries, the Technician (Rajo christened), is such a performer! Your jaw will drop especially with the dress that turned out to be 3 pieces! I'm like What???? Aries, the transformer!! :) He'll surprise to the very end!

These 3 designers will definitely have a great career in the Philippine Fashion industry... maybe even International!

But there can only be one winner.... Aries Lagat!!

My bet was on Philip! Huhuhu!

"Ipinangank akong Filipino... I am a Filipino designer." - Philip Tampus

much love,

P.S. I'm not a fashion expert... I'm just sharing my opinion. Thank You!

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