Gift Idea: It's here! Charm Pro Travel Brush Set

My new babies are here!

Elegant pouch... :)
(pearls not included)

good sigh!

best laid plans for my holiday getaway. :)

Charm brush logo. :)

1. Mini Powder Brush - Dense and soft
2. Mini Dual Fiber Brush - Dense enough, best for finishing powder or liquid foundation
3. Mini Angled Blush Brush - it looks similar to my EOB angled blush brush which is a good thing since finding blush brush like this is crazy hard!
4. Mini Concealer Brush - Reminds me of BE's famous concealer brush.. love it!
5. Mini Crease Blending Brush - is it me or does it look like an SE 217? I swear, i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me! I finally have a great blending brush for my travels!
6. Mini Pencil/Contour brush - beginner's heaven sent! This baby is effortless to use to give me that precise crease line.
7. Mini Eye Contour Brush - or what i usually call angled eyeshadow brush. I could live with just this brush when i'm desperate to put on eye makeup. This brush is a miracle-worker for me.
8. Mini Flat Liner Brush - i'm been trying to find a liner like this since a lot swears that this is easier to use for liner application. this set just have everything!
9. Mini Eyebrow Brush - i think i can use this as an angled eyeliner brush too!
10. Mini Pointed Eyeliner Brush - great for working on winged look which i'm loving so much lately.
11. Mini Lip Brush - we need to have this!
12. Mini Spoolie Brush - being a mascara addict, i definitely having this to fix my clumps.

i must reiterate! this set has a dual fiber brush. How cool is that?
click pic to enlarge

I simply can't stop looking at them. I've taken gazillion photos of these brushes... :)
These brushes have a great quality and I feel so lucky (and somewhat bragging a little.. sorry!) that I got mine already!!! This is a great Christmas gift for yourselves or for your kikay loved ones. :)

Thanks Sophie for such a great brush set that has everything a girl like would need
.... just in time for the Holidays!

much love,

You can buy Charm Pro Travel Brush Set at these sites: Site 1, Site 2

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  1. how much did you pay for this in US $

  2. is the stippling brush soft? :)

  3. where can i buy these?


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