YumYum: Cassava Leche Flan and Bibingka Malagkit

Disclaimer: I am not in any way a professional chef nor do I claim to be an expert in anything about food. I am not good at describing food nor the taste. I am just sharing my two pennies about it. :)

or in english tidbits or sweetmeats are something I can never get tired of. Eating kakanin will always remind me of childhood memories when after a siesta, me and the cousins will all go down to the kitchen for our merienda(afternoon snacks). Although we enjoy American snacks such as pizza, sandwich and the likes.. those that are unforgettable are the times we ate Filipino delicacies. Oftentimes this will come from our neighborhood baker but some will come from provinces that makes the best delicacies. Two of which you will see below, just transported me back to my childhood years.

Nana Meng Tsokolate
photo credit to Nana Meng website

On my way to Food Choices of Glorietta, I suddenly passed by this small kiosk of Tsokolate(chocolate). I've never seen this before or probably not as appreciative as i am know to even notice it, but the kakanin on display caught my eyes. Tsokolate boast of its filipino-spanish style of preparing hot chocolate. They sell them in packs and jars so that you can enjoy Nana Meng's Famous Hot Chocolate.

But the lazy in me, didn't get what Nana Meng was famous for. Rather I immediately bought two of the famous kakanin that usually accompanies hot chocolate, the Cassava Leche Flan and Bibingka Malagkit. These two delicacies are quite famous in town fiestas and family celebrations. Most likely, if there is a party there will be one or the other or both. I use to remember that when we visit the provinces we will always buy foods like these as pasalubong to our families (but we end up eating some of it on the way. lol.).

The Cassava Leche Flan is something that a lot of adults can enjoy. It's not too achingly sweet and has a nice bite to it. You can eat this with a sweet drink like hot chocolate, ice tea or soda to balance out the flavor. While bibingka maligkit is sweet to the taste and you'll probably get some stucked on your teeth. I would always scrape off the top portion of the cake that tastes of caramelized sugar and coconut (think sticky macaroons). Yum!!

Cassava Leche Flan (Cassava Cake with Custard on top)

Bibingka Malagkit (Glutinous Rice Cakes)
Filipino's version of brownies! minus the chocolate but still as sweet and sinful! :)

Filipino delicacies usually comprise of ingredients easily grown and are usually made from scratch. Making these takes the whole member of the family. In the old days, the men would gather the needed ingredients like climbing the coconut tree and gathering crops. While the women will cook them. That was when things were simpler.

Unfortunately, my busy schedule can't have me baking and shaking around the kitchen much less visit the grocery. I'm quite thankful that Nana Meng's has a several stores in the metro to provide me with a little something from back in the days. These, after all, are my true comfort food.

I can't say enough how proud I am of my culture, especially when it comes to the gastronomic part. :)

To my Pinay readers, when was the last time you ate these two filipino desserts?

To my international readers, have you tried this or enjoyed somethign similar to the Cassava Leche Flan or Bibingka Malagkit?

much love,

see more at Nana Meng's online site. Click Here.

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