Review: BareNaturals Skin Perfecting Face Primer

BareNaturals S5 Primer

The first primer that i have ever tried was BareNaturals S5 Primer. What a wonder this primer has done to my routine. My makeup stayed longer and i feel less oilier.

With an acne-prone and oil-mine face that i have, i need all the help i could get. I realized that having a great foundation and concealer improves the look of my skin but a primer can seal the deal when it comes to makeup application. Before the primer era in Shen's makeup routine, i would always wonder why i would need to retouch every so often. It was different when i had a face primer on, i instantly notice the minute i got home that i didn't even retouched once. And though my face looks a little oilier, my makeup was still intact.

But now BareNaturals has come up with a new and improved Skin Perfecting Primer. It has Squalene, Vitamin E, Coenzyme CoQ10, Real Pearl Powder and Tea Tree Oil. This is made by a different formulator and now more affordable. And I'm one of the lucky few who reserved a bottle even before it got out of the market.

Here's my hand with the Skin Perfecting Primer spread and dabbed on it;
and how the primer looks like

What i love about the BareNaturals Skin Perfecting Primer:
  • The price. it is only Php599 for a 30ml Pump Bottle, Php245 for 10ml Pump Bottle. They have it in jars as well for a lot cheaper price but i find that unsanitary for prolong use.
  • It truly helps my acne-ridden skin. The essential ingredients does wonder and NATURAL is always best when trying to improve the look of the skin.
  • The scent is wonderful. Since it has Tea Tree Essential Oil, expect a scent that will make you think of spa and facial treatments.
  • Easy to apply, smooth and silky to touch. Although i find this a bit runny, spreading and patting it onto the face is nevertheless a breeze.
  • A little goes a long way. - You will only need 1 pump for every use in order to achieve a even canvass for your foundation.
  • My makeup last for more than 4 hours (which is a total improvement because i commute a lot and get exposed to sun, humid and polluted environment). This mean i don't have to retouch the minute i enter school. I can go to the classroom directly without worrying if my face is oily or my makeup is melting.
  • I only needed my blotting paper and finishing powder for retouch. No major application of foundation and concealer needed.
  • I don't know if its just me but some of the redness on the sides of my nose and pimple marks lessened with every use. I think i can also use this as night time moisturizer..hmmmm..
  • As far as i know, no Silicone is added to this new formulation as it aims to achieve a Natural state. Meaning no way to cl0g your pores. Yey!
What I don't like about the BareNaturals Skin Perfecting Primer:
  • Nothing really. Although i would love for it not to be a little runny or liquid-y. It actually reminds me of a primer of a famous makeup brand. They nearly have the same consistency.
How I use it: (Shake well before use)

1. Press the pump once.
2. Apply dots on the foreheads, nose, cheeks and chin.
3. Swipe onto face, distributing the product evenly.
4. Dab your face with your fingers.
5. Let it set for a minute or so.
6. Apply powder primer, concealer or foundation (whichever you prefer).

Do i recommend this? Definitely, face primers are rare commodity here in the Philippines and I think it is us who are in dire need of it given the weather that we frequently have and the general state of a Filipina skin. Not to mention that the price isn't so bad for something essential to makeup application.

Will i repurchase? Yes. But I'm not in a hurry. My 30ml pump bottle will probably last me 2 to 3 months with everyday use.

Hope this helps!

What primers have you tried lately?

much love,

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