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Love you schlong time rules:
1. Pass this game on to 5 people
2. Write down 5-10 ways your relationship ticks and works for you!
3. Include a brief history of how you and your significant other met or a timeline, whichever you prefer :)
Best part? NO WORD LIMIT!

My 5 relationship MUSTS:

1. Say what you you really feel and mean. - I have come way past the time when i let the guy mind-read me. So, i just tell R what i feel, want and need. I honestly believe that the BF has changed since I've been doing this coz he gets to know me more. And quite ironically, through this practice he got to learn more about my body language and facial expression to the point that i don't actually have to tell him expressly. I know a lot of us have trouble with this because we think if we say how what we think or suggest what we want, the boys will be turned off.... well, let me tell you that the right guy won't be. :)

2. don't go rushing off to the girlfriends everytime you and the bf fight - The GF's will always have your best interest at heart and what hurts you, they want gone. So, take time to think before cursing your BF in front of them. Make sure that your accusations of him are true and with evidence. Resolve your problems first before going to the GF's for advise. At the end, you can't fault your GF for the advises they gave you because it was your decision to make it the first place. A lot of us don't realize this, but it happens. :)

I once was in a relationship wherein i realized that i talked more to gf about my probs of our relationship rather with the guy. It was such an injustice on his part because he wasn't even able to defend himself. Over the years before i was with R, i kept thinking if i ever made the right decision of breaking up with him by following my friends' advise.

3. Honesty - cliche as it may seem but this is important. When you are both honest with each other, trust and love are easy enough to follow. it's like killing 3 birds with one stone. I mean, if you can fart in front of him, why can't you tell him you've failed a subject or had 90 boyfriends? I use to think my the BF not knowing about my life especially when it came to my family was a good thing... From what i know now, it was a good idea to open up. R is a lot closer to my family and my mom loves him to pieces.

4. Space - not geographically. you can PDA all you want, be my guest. But when he is with the boys, let him be with the boys. The BF and i have this understanding to text each other 2x every time we are out with friends. Once, the moment we safe with the friends and the next when we are safe home. Other than that, we try not to text each other so we can both have great time with our friends. Here comes being mature at the same time. You don't need to be a perpetually like new couple all the time. You can let is rest for awhile and let the BF do his job/study/etc.

5. Surprises - with little surprises comes love at first sight again. surprise him with a pen he loves when you know he's nearly running out of it. Buy him a video game he always wanted without an occassion or just a trinket to remind him of you. or a plain dinner you prepared for no reason at all. it doesn't have to be expensive... if you know what i mean. wink! wink!

6. Attraction - i can't stress enough how important this is. Both PHYSICAL, MENTAL and SEXUAL. Let's not be coy about this. it may not be instant but it should be there.. for me, it's that little racy heartbeat i got when he sat next to me and my hands grew sweaty and i could feel his thighs next to mine. And his smug smile can metaphorically melt me.

Get what i mean?

7. Friendship - there is no way you can court me. courting is such a no-no for me since both parties put their best foot forward. none of the things that really matter. Although i was initially attracted to R, our relationship was the end of result of our friendship. We became friends first, I wasn't afraid to talk to him about my exes and so was he. I told him all my troubles in school and i wasn't afraid he'd be turned off when i burp or had a huge zit on my forehead. Now, he's not surprise when scratch my butt... he just spanks it. (oooppss... did i just say that out loud?) LOL!

Disclaimer: There are no rules to a perfect-long running relationship. For me, just love him and give him what you can and NOT what you can't lose. Take one step at time and stop worrying about the past and the future. Love him NOW. Accept him for what he was for he may prove to be a better man than you think. Don't lose yourself in the relationship.

Most of all, KNOW YOUR WORTH.

Our timeline:

July 2005: We were in the same class but was never introduced. My gay friend wanted to meet him so i called him, thinking his name was REX (coz he looked like Rex Cortex, a filipino actor villain) and i told him that P wanted to know his name.

August 2005: There was a blackout in school. We were sitting on top of the table when his fratbody introduced him to him formally. Then we the lights came back on and we were about to leave, he called me and asked for my number.. which i know he already have. lol! But i was impressed with how he asked me personally before texting or calling me.I personally don't like a guy texting me telling me he got my number from a friend. I find it rude.

Did you know? R didn't have a phone at that time. He purposely didn't buy a new phone after his old one got busted to steer away from duties. But when he met me, he immediately bought one. Actually, he just gave money to his sister and his sister got the phone for him. He was worried not to be able to text me after he got my number. His fratmate would always tease him that had it been for a crush, he still would be phoneless. I was flattered since no guy has ever done that for me.

Then he just started coming with us to dinner after school. We shared the same group of friends. My bestfriend was a friend of his fratmate. And that fratmate had a crush on our new gf. All of our friends wanted us to hook up to a point that some dinners were arranged.

This was also the time when he first kissed me and we weren't even together! We were sitted at the back of my friend's SUV and i felt so sleepy after we had dinner and drinks. All of a sudden, i felt a slight pressure on the my lips and when i open my eyes, he looked at me and smiled. Nonetheless, it was a fab experience. :)

June to Novemeber 2005: The diligence of this man was unwavering. I swear i never had a guy pay this much attention to me but at the same time doesn't. I call him "superman" in my mind. Because whenever i need him, he's there. He use to live waaaaayyy to far from my place but he picks me up everytime we go out or meet up with friends. He takes me to places i've never been and wanted to see even before i ask him to.

November - December 2005: Several out of town trips with R and friends that i consider the reason that our relationship got cemented like this. We went to Manaog and visited a church popular to the Filipinos, I prayed hard that i chose the right path to be with him after a very hurtful relationship. Then we had so much fun in Baguio with friends. We really spent so much time here getting to know each other. Then, we went to Ilocos so he can meet my father's side of the family and he was welcomed by my cousins. They love him so much! :)

June 2006: I got sick... It was an attestation of how much he loves me... i never had a guy take care of me like this before, emotionally and financially.

June 2006: Our first trip alone together in Boracay. Well, Boracay can make you do crazy things and this time it made me fall in love with him again. It felt like a honeymoon for us. Something the relationship and as invididuals needed from all the trouble of the city. We had the whole time enjoying each other, the beach and the sun.

March 2007: We both unconsciously did something that changed the course of our relationship and until now it proved to be a healthy decision. We got to learn more from each other and we got to appreciate the sacrifices the two of us had to make.

FF to September 2007: He got me Duke... it's a like a married couple who finally decided to have a baby and it was one of the best decision we ever made. Just what the relationship needed since school was starting to drift us apart.

May 2008: We went back to Boracay together for the second time. :) Need i say more? He proved what a great BF he is here. I still feel giddy reminiscing our time here together... :)

June 2008: Attended a wedding with a friend. I finally realized that he was dead set on marrying me. As in, he sees me as the last girl for him and the only girl he'll ever marry. Le sigh!

---- to present: We are still happily together... with no major problems or fights. Thank God! :)

R is my God's best for me.. :)



and those who wants to do this. :)

that's all folks. :)

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