personal: a happy boozeday

Yesterday would be one of the best highlight of the year for me. I'm so psyched to be with my friends since college and with 2 of my best friends in law school.

The FK's have been friends since college days in Miriam. Some of us are blood related. Kyng, Aiza and I are cousins. Maica and Kathy were highschool friends. We were brought together by our course, Psychology. Bonded through trials of the heart and of the school. We each all have other friends in college but for nearly 8 years only the 5 of us continously thrive to keep this barkadahan. We joke around that "magkakakabit na mga bituka namin". :)

What i like the most is that even if we don't see each other quite often or when booze is involve, we are always complete.

This time i invited G and S. G has been my law school kapatid ever since i transferred to my current school. We took exams there together. Me met S on our first day there and ever since the 3 of us were inseperable. Law school is hard and I consider myself lucky to have found friends who understand me. Not to mention that S now live near to my place. What a great way to reminisce old times. :)

Really, there are friendship worth keeping.

My small "handaan" (party) consist only of Kaldereta (Spicy Filipino/Spanish fusion dish of beef with tomato sauce and veggies), Lechon Manok and Liempo (c/o Aiza and Kyng) and a few chips. My friends all love the Kaldereta so that's what i had cooked. Its a very simple gathering. Just to get together with my closest friends. This truly is what we call a typical "inuman" (drinking session). A little booze, music, good food and great friends is a Happy Birthday for me...

See? Who says I'm high maintainance?

awww!!! i missed you guys!!
T: S, Kathy, G, Me, Aiza
B: Kyng and Maica

love will keep us together. :)
(duke and the boys making an appearance)

just in case you're gonna ask... Yes, I got drunk. :)
Hei! It's my birthday!
As usual, no hangover for me.

much love,

pictures will be uploaded on my multiply site
this is the first wave of my birthday, watch out for the second and third.

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