Search for the Perfectly Chic Laptop Bag

Since the Lappie is very much masculine in appearance, I am now shaping it up to be as chic as i am. But like the woman that i am, i can't seem to decide what laptop bag to get. i'm soooo torn between these choices...

By the way, these are all Pinay(Filipina)-made designs. Go Pinay!

Bratty Bonita's Rubina style in chain print, Php1500 (shipping not included)
i love the print. i adore chains like crazy and this looks very professional and chic indeed.

Bratty Bonita Michaela Style in White and Black, Php1500 (shipping not included)
the clean look of this bag is so attractive to me. i could see myself with this bag on any outfit, casual or business attire.

Bratty Bonita's Travel Mate in Hot Pink B, Price available upon request
A definite travel friendly bag. an excuse to always haul my lappie with me anywhere i go.
not to mention that it's pink and can house a lot of stuff. I remembered when i was in the province that i wish i have a bag like this.

Sacs and Pack's Nicole Quilted bag in Vanilla, Php1250(shipping not included)
simple, classy, casual and quilted. what more can i say? i love it! and it's cheap.. :)

Sacs and Pack's Nicole Quilted bag in Choco Brown, Php1250(shipping not included)
i like the shiny detail. :) So chanel-lish and yet very down to earth. a bag that will care for my lappie and not to hot to the eyes of thieves. :) i like that it doesn't look like a laptop bag but rather just a normal bag. this i can definitely take to school with me with people none the wiser.

Cathy Bags' Marlene Laptop Bag with sleeves in Pink/Zebra Php,2500 (shipping not included)
i was floored when i saw this. this i could imagine Samantha of SATC lugging around as well as Elle Woods as she goes to court. Le sigh.. i love this bag. it definitely looks hot and sexy. and don't you just love the subtle animal print?

see more at their sites:
Bratty Bonita
Sacs and Packs
Cathy Bags

I think i know what you guys will pick...
help me out please.
i'm giving myself 2 weeks to save up for 1 of these.

much love,

photos are taken from their respective sites. :) thank you!

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