thank you + new techie toy

I'm back... it's been a rough ride back home but i enjoy turbulence. i know. I'm weird like that. i wish i could stay longer and stay with my uncle and aunts more. i can't say a lot because saying it out loud makes its more real... but if everything works out fine, I'm sure you'll read it here soon.

thank you thank you for all the wonderful comments you posted on my previous post. i can't thank you guys enough for wishing my uncle well. i really do appreciate your friendship. you guys keep me smiling constantly. :)

another thing that took the gloom from my days was this...

meet my lappie(laptop), the newest addiction to my babies.. :)

Toshiba Satellite M305D-S4829

a sweet looking lady amidst my mobile pc, nokia n95 and ipod nano (1st gen).

I've always loved gadgets before i fell in love make-up. it was a thing for me before to always have the best gadgets that suits my needs. by gadgets, i mean, communication gadgets. :) not the game stuff etc. i love mobile pc's. i have collected over 5 palmtops before i settled for my Dopod (Like o2). As for mobile phones, i must say that i have a generous mom that constantly buy me the latest phones back in college. But now, i strive to pay for the gadgets that i have.

But laptop seems to be too expensive and impractical for me despite the growing popularity of it. Lo and behold, the constant wishing seemed to work for i have one now. My godmother from Hawaii just both me a cool-looking laptop. :) I just love it. it has everything i need. :) I can't say enough how much I'm loving it. :)

Now, i have no reason not to be able blog when i travel.

GOD truly listens and LAW of ATTRACTION really works.

much love,

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