hi everybodilicous blogeristas,

Your resident Kikay Pinay will be taking a brief hiatus from the hustle bustle of city life to visit a sick uncles and relatives coming from the US.

I'll be going to Laoag, Ilocos Norte, province way up north of the Philippines. I was b0rn and raised there til i was about 5 years old. Ilocos are known for their Vagnet (deep friend pork), Empanada and clay pots.

I hope i'm going there for reason that is a bit merry but its not the case. My uncle, dad'r eldest bro, was diagnosed with liver cancer. We are hoping that us being together as a family will help improve his health. If there is one thing i truly admire about my dad and his siblings is how much they care for each other. It makes me wish for my 2 brothers that were taken away by God before they were even born..

But on a lighter note, i'll be seeing my 4 aunts (who i like to call the cheetah girls). They are so different from each other yet equally strict! Yikes! I love spending time w/ them coz they rmind me so much of Grandma, but divided into 4. I bet they have a lot of stuff for me and my cousins which is a definite plus.

I must say i do kook forward to seeing my dad's side of the family after 3 years.

Be back on monday!


much love,
The Kikay Pinay

P.S. Blogging from the airport.ü

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