It's here!

My Cherry Culture Haul is here! Yipee!
Lots and lots of makeup to play with!! :)

Duke with my CherryCulture
Duke: Mommy's gonna be busy again!

BOX 1: NO Sale, BOX 2: With Sale

All together now! :)
The free lipgloss reminds me of a lipgloss that were sold in
bangketa's(market stalls) here in Manila for like P30.

There is a reason i reuse a lot of my lippies in my FOTDs. It because of these babies..

a girl can't have too many P44($.99) lipsticks
Enabled by Nessa and a lot of YT'ers
(I can't wear a lot of colors i ordered but i love them all!!!)
it doesn't look a lot right?
Oh! Round lippies are now sold for $2 in

I love all the colors of these lipglosses
Enabled again by Nessa, beautybloggers and YT'ers

my only trio.
got the one with rust because of a lot of recommendation,
esp. Christiana. :)

coveted Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils, should've bought more. bugger.
Enabled by Makeupsquare of YT

Jumbo Babies!
Nessa again enabled me. Hihihi!

Enablers, I love you all! I don't regret buying them!

Not in picture:
Cosmetic Bag
Contour Brush
Concelear in a jar medium(enabled by Askmewhat's)

I won't be able to swatch them all at once since i don't want to damage my lips. so i'll take time in swatching them. First with the wacky bizarre colors and down to the everyday colors. :)
You can make requests since i'll be posting my list of all the colors i got. :)

Total Damage: $84


I recently went to SM Megamall. I was suppose to buy the Artdeco Eye base but it wasn't pleasant to look at and hardened easily. I don't want to take a risk and get disappointed since i have TFSI's(thanks to Nica) and UDPP in my stash and more coming in August. So i settled in Buying White Eyeliner from VOV.

When i saw these fab acrylic nails... i simply couldn't resist. I see them a lot on Beauty Bloggers so what the heck, let's try them. :) It's tedious to put it in. and after shampooing may hair, most came of! Hahaha! shows that i'm not used to these products. More practice. :)

fab stick-on nails. :)
they are coming off one by one!
i'm so not good with this. :)
(P480, but got it 10% of with my SM Advantage Card)

I try not to shop a lot since i made a few online orders and ask my tita to me a few stuff from Target and Sephora in Houston.
I'm also saving for a good brush set (Suesh or Panacea) and tool belt.
More so, some staple items and brushes from MAC and Cosminology
that Jheng(resisdent sutil) and Sophie of Beautynomics raves about.

When will it end?

Nobody knows. :)

much love,

P.S. I don't buy a lot of face products coz for me Mineral Foundation is the best
compared to Traditional Foundation.
Like Sophie, I am in search of the best w/ heavy coverage mineral liquid foundation. :)

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