I got sick after a long time + WANTED

Saturday morning, i woke up at quarter to four in the morning. Duke was licking my face which has become my morning alarm clock. He wakes up ealier than i do coz he stays at my mom's room until she leaves for work. Cool eh?

As i was about to get ready for school, I noticed that i feel a bit chilly and hot at the same time. The semi-hypochondriac in me made me get my handy thermometer and take my temperature. It seems it wasn't psychologicl after all and i am really sick. I got like 39 on my manual thermometer. Like a little girl, i went to my mom's room and told her i'm sick. She hugged me and I slept on her bed for the duration of the morning.

I hate being absent especially if i'm sick. I mean, I'd rather absent myself and do something productive than be absent for being sick.

The last time i got a fever was... well, i don't remember. Must be from all the late nights and too much food. LOL!

I was pretty much on and off asleep the whole day, watched The Holiday on HBO. I don't think i even opened my computer that day. A way to know I'm really sick. But i think i still went online.. hmm...

Come Sunday, it's The Pacquiao Fight (He won! Mabuhay Pinoy!). The BF visited moi and watched the game. Since i was feeling a lot better, we decided to catch a flick at the nearest cinema here in my place. We watched WANTED finally. I really love movies like this, bursting with guns and special effects. I have to admit that I love guns. I don't know much about it but i love it. Maybe it's in the blood since my dad is a target shooter. I actually plan on owning one or ten thousand when i become a lawyer or when i could afford it, whichever comes first. :)

I have to agree with Didi that they took the Matrix slow-mo effect to another level. The corner-shot part is amazing, the car zooming and the wonderful wonderful gun fight scenes really got me on the edge of my seat, it's like orchestra for me. This is the Modern Cowboys (minus the broke back part.)

Angelina Jolie is totally hot here (i'M in a lesbian mode here! lol) I just love love her. :)

She is just gorgeous!! :)

One of my fave scene.. i'm gonna own one of these soon when it's legal to own one! LOL!

the Hero, James McAvoy, the guy from my fave Oscar Movie Atonement isn't so bad looking here either.. Drool much, Shen??

care for the boy next door with chiseled abs?

this is probably my fave part

It really is a great movie... except for die-hard animal advocates. :( and the boys will get disappointed coz there is no ***scene. I know! Bugger!

Oh, I'm so inspired to do the Eye looks AJ sported on the movie. :) She sported mainly neutral sultry and edgy smoky look. :) So, imma get that done soon. :)

Sultry Imma-gonna-b*tchslap-you-til-you-give-me-the right-answer look

Smoky I-got-you-cornered-you-a** look

Happy Viewing!

Next weekend, Hancock.

much love,

Photos courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. Thanks!

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