Hello! New School Year + What's in my bag?

School year for me is so much different from what was i was used. There is no shopping for school supplies or buying books at the school. What remains to be the same is that the size of my bag is still bigger.

I did feel buying a new overnight/school bag. However, i didn't feel i deserve a new one after all the financial damage i caused for the past months. Instead, i opened my platic container or what i fancy to call "I was once a bag addict" container. There i was surprise to find all the bag i didn't even thought i still have. Great thing about my bags is that they never go out of style.

I opted to use my Balenciaga Motorcycle replica bag. It has no label whatsoever so i don't feel guilty using it. Its big enough to hold all my everyday items, i.e. 1 to 2 books, codal, notebook, organizer, make-up bag, pencil case, umbrella and other small stuff.

I also didn't buy school supplies at all since i still have pens from last semester. I also didn't buy notebooks since my aunt from hawaii gave me a bulk of college notebooks that'll last probably even if i plan to take med school after law. As for the books, i'll know what books to use when the professor have assigned one.

As for my make-up kit, they are still practically new since they have been purchased recently. Just not for the purpose of going to school. :)

What's in my bag:
Pencil Case with tons and tons of different pens
Planner (Belle de Jour or Starbucks)
Kikay Kit and Kikay Stuff (see below)
Mobile PC
(my main mobile phone is not here since i was texting with Jheng :) )

Kikay Stuff:
Claire Make-up kit
Goody Comb
Perfume Container (D&G light blue)
Silk Naturals Gold Blush Lipgloss
Maybelline L/s in 021
BareNaturals Flat top brush
Elf Blush in Glow
BareNaturals Oil Pretties
Lauress Foundi Sample in Soft Gold
Maybelline Eyeshadow quad
Mary Kay Lipbrush
Ellana Hazelnut Foundation in Pink Container
Katinko Ointment
(for headache, nausea or smelly PUV's)

Notice i don't bring expensive make-ups. It's because i'd probably be devastated if i lose them. I bring them during dates or night out with the girls. That i'll show some other time. :)

much love,

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