organizing and thinking green (tips)

found this slanted organizer @ JAPAN HOMES for P88 ($2)!!
keeps all my eye brushes in place and according to their uses.

got this stackables for P88 each ($2)
i have 4, the other 1 is on top of my desk
what i like about this is its height (of each box). i can put my semi-tall products here. :)

my study/vanity table
i use my bed tray to study actually. so this desk is pretty much devoted to business and kikay stuff! :)


I'm guilty of being an avid user of paper towels and tissue rolls in cleaning my brushes. but i realize that i'm not helping M.N. (mother nature). I consume so much i'm so ashamed! So, i got this 5 pc. towellettes @ Japan Homes for P88 (5 pcs already). this is devoted to my brush cleaning. 2 for drying, 2 as stands when they are drying, the other where i put my bowl. Neat isn't it?? :)

more TIPS, use ceramic bowls for cleaning your brushes and mixing foundations (it's easier to clean and totally resuable). I bought mine for P16 only!
Since we can't help not to use running water for our brush cleaning. i keep a small bowl on sink and transfer it to a "timba" or bucket and when its full. Then i use it to clean garage floor
( i just pour everything on the floor and ask someone else to scrub for me!! lol).
or if its too tedious for you, keep water flow in low. :)

Hope this helps!!

much love,
The Kikay Pinay

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  1. wow love your desk, or i mean kikay desk... i wish meron ako ganyan d2 sa kwarto but unfortunately kasama ko brother ko sa room, dba badtrip, kaya hindi ko malagay mga makeup ko at aasarin lang ako nun at may makulit na bata dito... hehehe...

    nasan na yung brush holder mo? gusto ko din gumawa nun kaso yun nga wala mapaglalagyan... =(

    guilty dun ako sa tissue, isang pack ng tissue sa isang araw ata ako... am bad... =(

  2. i know sis! me rin.. super guilty na. using towels is my little contribution to live my life simply and help MN.


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