Careline Glamour Eyes and new monitor :)

Hi fellow beauty product addicts!!

Meet my Careline Glamour Eyes collection. :)

Since i've been using MAC beige-ing shadestick, i've been in search for similar product without the hefty pricetag. :) Browsing my fave store, Watson's, i stumbled upon these product and swatched them on my skin. Since then, i was hooked. :) If you watch youtube eye make-up tutorials, you'll notice that a lot of them uses shadestick, cream eyeshadows, nyx jumbo pens prior to applying the eyeshadows. Its because it gives the pressed shadow or mineral shadow more vibrancy and make it stick to the lids better. :)

When i use my Careline glamour eyes, i notice how my e/s became more vibrant especially when i use the same colors for my e/s (i.e. violet to violet or similar shade). They can be worn alone too. :)

For the price, these babies are sold for P75 each only ($1.70).

Taken without flash, in natural light.

there are more colors but these are the once that made my list. :)

these are not crayola's. these are BIG GIRLS Crayola's. :)

KP raves:
1. The price!! i'm cheap-aholic. (P75 only)
2. It's highly pigmented. :) colors show easily.
3. The smell ... reminds of the Panda Ballpen in elementary. :)
4. It has aloe and vitamin E. :)
5. it helps show my e/s's color more.
6. great base for e/s.

KP rants:
1. it creases especially when you don't use UDPP. Girls with oily eyelids like me should prep the lids with UDPP or your HG eyeshadow primer. :)
2. the cap loosens easily (hence the jagged marks on my Seduction) but for the price, i can't complain.
3. the gold dust have glitters that is bigger than the usual... :(

The Kikay Pinay verdict: 3.5 out 5 Kikay Pinay Points

So for those of you out there who are lemming for something like MAC shadestick, this may actually be the product that you're looking for. :)

hope this helps!!


change topic:

Mom got me a brand spanking new ASUS 17" LCD Monitor! :) i LOOOOVE it!! :)
Thanks mom!!
(i feel like a CSI investigator using this monitor.. hehehe! its huge.. )

RIP big old chunky LG monitor.. God be with you.. :)

much love,
The Kikay Pinay

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