belated happy mom's day!

I know this posting is way overdue but i got inspired over Nikki's Happy Mother's Day Across the Globe post.

Unfortunately, i wasn't able to spend Mother's Day with My Mudra(Mother in Gay Linggo). She was in Baguio (sigh!) doing business. But i got her almost everything that she asked me. :) All beauty stuff, i must say. :)

My mom is such a workaholic. Ever since i was a little girl i never saw her stop working. She doesn't do holidays (unless with a business on the side) and she is a total opposite of me. :) Its a love and hate relationship between me and Mom. She being a conservative person while I, despite her "teachings" failed to achieve that kind of Sophistication. So, most of the time we will be discussing about quite a number of things. Bu what fascinates me is the fact that she never did demand me to change (except my course in College). She loves me for my Kakikayan and Shop-a-holicness(with a boundary of course).

If you watched Tanging Yaman, our relationship is quite similar to the characters of Dina Bonevie and that of Gloria Romero. (sorry for my intl readers) watch Steel Magnolia instead. :)

Despite numerous fights with my mom, I will definitely stick with her and would never leave her. Not because i'm her only child, but i just could never imagine being far apart from my mom. And I won't ever complain when it is my turn to take care of her.. i know she didn't when she took care of me.. :) she still is actually. hehe!

Here's a few things i learned from my mom:

1) Put GOD in the middle of everything i endeavor.
2) Put back everything in their proper places (clean up)
3) To never make anyone worry about me
4) To be independent
5) Respect is so much important than wealth
6) God never says NO, HE says "Wait."
7) Get up early to accomplish more (still practising)
8) Love my life. (Take care of myself)
9) Help out others coz you'll never know when you'll need one yourself
10) That Karma exist so never hurt anyone or anything.

But most of all she taught be to be a STRONG woman. This i think i've mastered quite well. :)

my mom and her little demonyita.. :)

I remember how we use to have so little.
Now, she has given me all that i've ever needed, wanted and more.

don't worry, i'm still your little girl.



much love,
The Kikay Pinay

PS. thanks Nikki for this inspiration..

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