what made my april FULL???? loots!!! :)

i thought that my first day of april will turn out so-so. especially it being an april fool's day. first day of enrollment for summer (bummer) class. i didn't wanna attend summer school but i really have a lot of catching up to do with some of my subjects. i got there so early that i even surprised myself, the associate dean is yet to arrive. we waited fo him until 1pm so he could sign our enrollment form. okay, needless to say, the day didn't start well as i hoped. then it rained and i had on only my overrun mango top which was soooo flimsy. great thing i shopped for some make-up brushes, visited the boyfie and took Duke(our pet pom) home with me.... which made my day tolerable. then headed for home.

when i walked in , my arms totally crying out from the heaviness of Duke's travel cage and stuff, i saw my mom carrying 3 packages to my room that i nearly dropped Duke.. sorry baby..

here they are! :)

my long awaited MAD Mineral purchases!!!

my brushes from CoastalScents!!!

and my UDPP!!! and binder to boot!!
thanks NIKKI!!! love yah sis!!

but the very good girl in me did my HH chores first before playing and taking pictures of everything i got.

that is why it took me 2 days before posting everything. i was just tooo tired to post it.. :)

review and detailed blogs coming soon!


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  1. oh sis, i love your loot most especially the MAD pigments. i sooo love them that i think i have all their shades already :D

    anyways, let me know if those pink brushes from CS are good huh!?


  2. made reviews on them. just posted it. phew! it took me 2days! :) lol!

  3. wow great haul! am lying low on MMU 'cause am on MAC addiction again! *ahem Heatherette ahem Fafi ahem*

  4. hi sis.. just cam across ur blog just wanna ask sana where's u get the udpp??? thanks a lot

  5. heya! thank for passing by! i got this from a friend. she had an extra (di nakuha ng dapat bibili) so i bought it na. she got this from amazon.com. :)


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